Adverse reactions to a Us peace plan in the Middle East

The Us top advisor, Jared Kushner, announced a plan by the united states government to the Palestinian economy and those of the surrounding Arab countries, Sunday a large number of adverse reactions in the Arab region conducted.

In saudi arabia, the Sudan, Lebanon, palestine, and Jordan, denounced prominent politicians and commentators to the suggestions of Kushner, the son-in-law of the president, Donald Trump. “The home could not be sold even for all the money in the world,” said Egyptian analyst Gamal Fahmy.

Nabih Berri, the president of the Lebanese parliament, was on Sunday, in a statement to know that Lebanon is not an investment in the US will receive it. “For those who think that they are the Lebanon, to attract it by using billions of dollars to them, you are mistaken.”

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Son-in-law He comes up with the “economic peace plan” for the Middle East

‘The Plan is to attempt to make opposition to Israel to buy

According to several Arab analysts, is the national economic plan in an attempt to get the opposition to “Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian land and to buy. The billions of euros, according to the analysts, are to be used as bribes for politicians.

The plan of the Kushner involves investment of a total of 44 billion euros to the peace in the Middle East, and to promote their use. On Tuesday, he will have the blueprint at a conference in the united kingdom.

The Plan shall enter into force only if peace is to be maintained

The plan covers 179 projects in terms of infrastructure and in the field of entrepreneurship. More than one-half of the 44 billion euros over the next ten years will be spent in the Palestinian Territories.

A transportcorridor the west bank and Gaza strip and the West Bank and gaza with each other to connect them. It will only come into force if the peace of the area is maintained.

Hamas: ‘Palestine is not for sale”

The rest of the money has been provided to Egypt, Lebanon and the united arab emirates. The investeringscampagne should be combined to the Palestinian gross domestic product (gdp) within the next ten years will be doubled.

The palestinian authorities responded, incensed at the plans to Kushner. According to Hamas is to Palestine, not for sale,” and the Palestinian Authority referred to the plan by Kushner, a collection of “abstract representations”.


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