Advantage-the attacker Series: ‘Racist speech, to me, a lot of pain

Was Mendes-Moreira says, is deeply affected by the racist speech of one part of the FC Den Bosch-supporters in its direction. The ruler of Excelsior, left on Sunday to be very emotional and furious to the field.

The Kitchen is Champion in a Division match between FC Den Bosch and Excelsior (3-3), after a half hour and temporarily shut down by arbitrator Lawrence Gerrets, as the 24-year-old Canadian, in the first half of the repeated racist, it was regarded by a section of the Den Bosch supporters. The match was consequently a quarter of an hour still.

“It was in the very first minute all of in person. Then there was the ‘k-black’, ‘k- ‘plan’, ‘katoenplukker’ and ‘Black Pete’ I said. That gives me a lot of pain, and I think it’s a shame. With this, you can’t accept, and something has to be done. Fortunately it took the referee to have a good time,” said Moreira after the end of the competition for FOX Sports.

“When I first went in, I the most dear things I said. I was so angry, and it was high up in my emotions”, he continued Series. “We have discussed whether we are in the game they would play, but I really wanted to do that.”

Calculated Series drew just before the break to 1-2. The attacker celebrated his goal by provoking you to sing just in front of the part of The netherlands gained him a racist or it had him. “They told me that I shouldn’t be happy, but at the time I didn’t and I put up with it. It is the best way to find an answer to this.

For the moment, and that Was Following a Touch to his goal, they celebrate. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

A touch pleased, with the support of Memphis

The problem with Poker is not the first time this year that a battle is temporarily suspended due to racist slogans. That’s what happened, for example, with Bulgaria, England and Hellas Verona, Brescia, and when Mario and His anger get the ball into the stands and fired.

“Of course, it supports me of that players as well as a statement made”, said the born in Schiedam. “Football is for all of us, and we should cherish that we have this little game to play. However, if we can, on the basis of skin color, can be burned to the ground, then it’s no longer about that.”

Dutch international Memphis Depay said on Twitter that the confusion of the events in ‘ s-hertogenbosch, and asked the BOARD to take action. Series is happy to have the support of Memphis. “He has a very large range, and hence it becomes just a bit stronger. We will not only see that it’s not possible.”

A touch was given during an interview with FOX Sports, is still to stick with the team FC Den Bosch, trainer-Erik van de Ven. “He says that I am a poor man myself. Do you think that we are in the year 2019 at the latest, should accept it? Of course, I want to have the game continue, but I am angry and disappointed that this still needs to be done.”

I’m sick and tired to see these images over and over. When is it going to stop!!? #SayNoToRacism @KNVB @OnsOranje @CHANCE, what are we going to do? Specially with the upcoming @EURO2020

AvatarAuteurMemphisMoment of plaatsen15:14th – 17th of november 2019

To view the results of the program, and the state is in the Kitchen, the Champion Division

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