Adriaan van Dis is in new book in battle with the inner voice

Adriaan van Dis is in new book in battle with the inner voice

Adriaan van Dis is in his new book, In the outskirts of the battle with his binnenstem. “It is a malicious side that says: “Please go on”. And that I am not of plan. I still have a lot of books in my head and that should be all there.”

That says Dis in conversation with the AD. “But I do get sad of people who spend the whole day laughing. Suppose I have the whole day would laugh if mr Rutte, is still bleak.”

“I think this started after the writing of the book about my mother”, says Van Dis. In 2014 he wrote an autobiographically tinged novel about his mother after she had died. “After all the humor, satire and self-mockery, something began to gnaw. I was very aware of my mortality.”

According to the author, that was a terrible cliché. “Death, we all, but now I had a kind of doodsdwang. I thought: I can look like steps and I was very very involved. I have a dark period behind. No, I really don’t want death, but there was a voice in me that me death wish.”


According to Van Dis had this feeling on the one hand, with the death of his mother. On the other hand, he had to say in isolation. In Paris, where he worked for seven years lived, he was also alone, but visited every night a movie theater. Now he lives in the area where he was just a windy walk along the floodplain.

Of Dis also speaks about his talent for solitude. “I had that as a child, I like to be alone. But now I am a time very depressed and started there in that alone-are something to gnaw which I suffered from. I have processed and I’ve fought. This book is the result of a fight. I have the evil which I have fought in a book and is now slammed shut. It is put away.”

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