Adobe stops in 2020 with browser plugin Flash

Adobe stops in 2020 with browser plugin Flash

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Adobe stops at the end of 2020 with the development and dissemination of browser plugin Flash. The plugin is already under fire because of insecurity and smartphones are not supported.

Adobe wants software developers with the retirement of Flash to encourage new, open technologies to support. Developments such as WebGL and HTML5 have Flash largely redundant writes Adobe Tuesday.

Flash has always been plagued by security vulnerabilities. Through the years, came to Flash regularly in the news as leaks were exploited to break into computers of consumers, businesses and governments.

In 2015, recommended Adobe the using Flash for the first time. Now the Flash in most browsers by default will be blocked.


The software was in 1996 for the first time published, and was for many years the most important and most used plugin to online videos and animations, such as games to play.

By both iOS and Android, Flash is not supported, due to the high energy use of the plugin. Former Apple director Steve Jobs was vehemently against the use of Flash on mobile because it’s slow, unreliable and too heavy for the battery would be. That decision, according to Adobe resulted in the company in 2012, completely stopped the Flash Player for mobile devices.

New technologies like HTML5 are not only better, but also open source. Thus, developers no longer dependent on the decisions of one company, such as with Flash was the case.

According to Google, is the use of Flash in its Chrome browser over the past years greatly reduced. Where three years ago, 80 percent of the Chrome users a day to a site with Flash visited, is now down to 17 percent.

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