ADO Den Haag will play next season on the grass

ADO Den Haag will play next season on natural grass. The artificial grass, which now, in Cars, Jeans, the Stadium is located, did not disappear in the summer.

“Everyone in football is breathing here, very happy,” said managing director, Mohammed Hamdi on Monday at the Veronica Inside. “As of this summer, we will once again be on natural grass.” The club said at the beginning of the calendar year, though, the desire to return again and again to the grass. That wish has now been fulfilled.

According to Hamdi, the return of grass for the players to be more attractive in order for the ADO to choose from. “There might be some players that are in the ADO, would like to play, but they may have their question marks, have to have for artificial turf. You’d, therefore, with a bit of in the market.”

ADO Den Haag set up in October 2013 and went to natural grass for artificial turf because of the preparations for the world cup of hockey, in the summer of 2014 the natural grass of serious had been damaged. The club was in at the time of the plan is to switch to artificial turf, but the process was speeded up.

Maurice Steijn will be possible after the summer to go back to ADO Den Haag, and his son, Shem (on the left) is doing that right now. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“The ideal candidate will keep us in the Premier league’

The club is under During also of progress in the search for a new head coach. According to the director, there are discussions going on with the candidates.

On the names in the wild During the not go into detail. For example, in England, Alan Pardew, to the function are linked. “I can’t click on the names to go in. The ideal candidate will keep us in the Premier league.”

In addition, it is quite possible that Maurice Steijn end of the season, returned to The Hague, the netherlands. His son, Shem, is training with the team, but Steijn, let yourself know about this season, not a club, more of it. “But in the long run, it would have been coming, certainly,” said Hamdi.

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