“ADHD according to researchers, a brain disease’

“ADHD according to researchers, a brain disease’

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People with ADHD according to researchers from the Radboudumc smaller brains than people who have the disorder do not have. This is ADHD a breinziekte, they argue.

For the research, explained lead researcher Martine Hoogman of the Radboudumc brain scans of 3,200 persons next to each other, reports Trouw.

It appears that five regions in the brain are smaller in people who suffer from ADHD. One of them is the amygdala, the region that deals with the recognition of emotions. Earlier research showed that children with ADHD not so good in recognizing emotions.

The researchers argue in the article, published in The Lancet Psychiatry, that this now has to play a role in the diagnosis. Psychiatrists have focused on whether or not to hold the attention.

Brain volume

The differences in brain volume between people with and without ADHD were greatest for children. According to Hoogman this confirms the presumption that the brain is later ripening and joining as they mature.

“I sincerely hope that the research that stigma away. So it’s just a hersenstoornis, like severe depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder – also that are associated with different hersenvolumes. ADHD is more than just a difficult child’,” says Hoogman against Faith.

It is still not known what the precise cause of the deviation, but according to Hoogman be earlier research that for eighty percent in the genes is embedded. Children with this predisposition would then have a smaller brain develop.

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