Adèle Bloemendaal: grand dame of the stage

Adèle Bloemendaal: grand dame of the stage

Adèle Bloemendaal was known as the ‘grand old lady of comedy”. Saturday at age 84, died comedian, actress and singer was more than fifty years on the stage, and her popularity and talent were uncontested. Still, she missed ambition, and she was hampered by a strong podiumvrees.

The atmosphere within a theatre group, she found quickly depressing and then she vanished. So she went in 1969 to return from the show With joy, we give knowledge. She lied that she was pregnant, but just wanted to spend more time with her son John Jones, who she got with her second husband Donald Jones.

Adèle Maria Hameetman, born on 11 January 1933 in Amsterdam, was on its fourteenth from school. Her parents sent her to an evening school. There, she performed in the cabaret, among others, with Leen Jongewaard.

She played from 1958 to 1963, at various theatre companies, cabaret Lurelei and in the cabaretgroepen of Sieto Hoving and Jaap van de Merwe. No connection lasted longer than a year. When Hoving was two months after a quarrel, thrown, literally, out of the car on the way to a gig.

Adèle Bloemendaal (84) died

Adèle Bloemendaal is Saturday in Amsterdam died.

The actress and comedienne is 84 years old.

Bloemendaal was last year, two times in the hospital because of a persistent pneumonia.
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She lived since 2013 in the Amsterdam nursing home The Flesseman. In 2014 she was hit by a severe stroke.
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In the spring of 2017 is the biography expected where Henk van Gelder for a few years works.
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In 1960 appeared the singer and actress for the first time on tv. In 1969, she got her own Adèle Bloemendaal Show. She was also seen in ‘t Schaep with five Seed, Sam, Sam, Citroentje with Sugar, The Crushers and the sunshine in The house. She acted in a few films and was seen in television commercials, especially those for Bros (lying in a hot tub) large recognition.

In 1968, she played in the stage production The life of Bertolt Brecht. Also she had a few successful carnavalhits, such as What have you done, Daan, and It will be your child’s being. Around 1980 Adèle Bloemendaal with Jacques Klöters to a program for small rooms. The successful production, Adèles choice, was already at ease suitable for large theatres. She then became a series onewomanshows.

Bloemendaal wanted per se is not mature. They dared, in 1983, as first Dutch of over 50 nude in Playboy to pose. “I’m not destroyed,” she said.


Although Adèle was universally praised, she broke down many theatre tours to a halt. In 1991, she put a point behind its career, but in 1997 she came back with the show Adèles come-back. In march 2000 she was struck by a cerebral hemorrhage, from which she recovered, but she withdrew.

The health left her in the lurch. By a series of strokes led in the last years in a reclusive existence. In January 2013 she appeared again in public at the premiere of a tribute that Paul Groot and Sanne Wallis de Vries made to the first-class director, femme fatale and lefgozer’.

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