Address: UK: U.s.: Johnson is still working towards the Brexit, on the 31st of October

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, on Monday in her address to the policy of the government, Johnson explained. The British government sends out still have to have on a Brexit is on the 31st of October, and a new agreement with the european union.

In addition, there are plans for a domestic-policy was announced, aimed at voters in the next election.

The 93-year-old queen was in a carriage from Buckingham Palace to the houses of parliament in Westminster with driving. The importance of the sovereign state known as the ‘Queen’s Speech’, and it is the traditional start of the parliamentary year. The throne speech written by the government. The queen has no input.

The talk began with the government’s plans-Johnson’s post-Brexit. “My government is working on a new partnership with the EU based on free trade and friendly cooperation,” said the queen.

Other commitments made by the Uk government to include a immigratiestelsel on the basis of a point system, high-speed internet connections are in “millions of homes”, and measures to ensure that the public health care system, the National Health Service (NHS), to strengthen and improve it. Also, the government increased penalties for violent crimes and serious sex offences.


Queen Elizabeth, in’, ‘state’: Brexit is on the 31st of October

Parliament may be an obstacle for Johnson

The government’s plans are to be approved by the parliament. Sat night, starts in the house of Commons in a debate on the throne speech, that is, until the end of the week, it will take a while. After that, a vote shall be taken. It is very rare that a prime minister who loses; that’s what happened the last time in 1924.

In the u.s., Johnson lost his last summer, however, its very narrow parliamentary majority, raising the question as to whether he has enough support for his policy agenda will be able to get it.

‘Address, it is the Conservative’s election manifesto’

The opposition parties, the timing of the address to pay. According to Labour, the biggest opposition party, there will be a lot of uncertainty about Brexit-deadline is on the 31st of October, and the persistence of the government to Johnson.

Since it is likely that in the short term, a new election shall take place, the address is actually a disguised in a Conservative, this election year, according to Labour.


Johnson: ‘would Rather die in a ditch than to delay Brexit’

Negotiations with the union are conducted smoothly

On Thursday in Brussels for a two-day summit of the European Commission (EC). The meeting is seen as the last possible date on which the UK and the EU by the 31st of October, a new uittredingsovereenkomst be able to reach it.

An intensive onderhandelingssessie last weekend, very little has been produced, reported the EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier said Sunday evening at the ambassador of the remaining EU-27 member states. A spokesman for prime minister, Johnson said on Monday that the talks will still constructive but there is a lot of work needs to be done”.

If an agreement cannot be reached and no deal Brexit being required to have a law this past summer, and was passed by the British parliament and the prime minister’s Johnson to be more of a postponement from the EU. The government has the conflicting signals are issued on any intention which the law will be followed.

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