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House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who has a leading role in the investigation of the Trump-Ukraine scandal, is facing questions over his connection to a Soviet-born businessman who has raised money for his campaign and whose companies received lucrative contracts in the defence sector from the Ukraine government.

The man is Igor Pasternak, founder and CEO of Worldwide Aeros Corp., which makes air ships for military and commercial customers. His company is also involved in weapons manufacturing, to produce the cooperation with the Ukrainian Ministry of defence, the rifles, a modified version of the M4 and M16, to report accordingly.


To send in 2013, Pasternak hosted a fundraiser in Washington for the ship, who came later, to give you a hug, a strong attitude in support of the United States, the military aid to Ukraine during its conflict with Russia.

“Before this time, the ship rarely, if ever, mentioned the Ukraine,” Fox News, ” Laura Ingraham said on her show on Thursday, after detailing the ship, the connection to Pasternak. “But after the fundraiser, he uses a number of TV appearances, in principle, require that we send money and weapons to them.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff-who has a leading role in the investigation of the Trump-Ukraine-scandal-is facing questions over his connection to a Soviet-born businessman Igor Pasternak. (Getty, File)

Neither ship nor Pasternak requests from Fox News for comment on Thursday returned.

But in February 2015, appearance on CNN, the ship was asked by anchor Wolf Blitzer, “you want the United States to start now, not only humanitarian aid to Ukraine, but also by serious weapons, right?”

He replied, “I do. And I think it is long overdue.”

In another appearance on CNN in February of 2015, the ship said, “I think that the United States should be very forward-leaning on the Ukraine.”

According to his online biography, Pasternak, born in the former Soviet Union, founded his first own company in the Ukraine, immigrated to the United States in the year 1993 and is now a U.S. citizen. Since that time, Pasternak company in the Ukraine defence contracts have been awarded.

An invitation for the 18. July 2013, fundraiser, booked online, invited the guests to Pasternak’s house on Capitol Hill. “Please contact Igor Pasternak for a taste of the Ukraine-reception in honor of Congressman Adam Schiff,” the store said.

To participate in the fundraising, sponsors were encouraged to make a contribution in the amount of$ 2,500, and the guests were asked to pay $1,000. The shop said checks, made payable to “Adam Schiff for Congress.”

At the latest at the trump charge request

  • Documents, increase the control on the Biden-Ukraine-relations, show Hunter have made ‘millions’
  • Ex-Ukraine-envoy Volker, the legislature amid impeachment probe hits, such as text reveal ‘quid pro quo’ – armed
  • Pentagon to turn over the whole of Ukraine documents in connection with the defense Department general counsel

An online search of donor records shows that Pasternak has donated money to politicians and organizations on both parties.

Pasternak the air ship of the company Worldwide Aeros Corp., based in Montebello, California. The company has won the Pentagon-to develop contracts, the airships for surveillance and cargo delivery — including a contract allegedly worth $50 million.


In the year 2017, Pasternak was quoted in Newsweek talks about his company’s efforts to produce a variant of the M16 rifle in the Ukraine. “The M16 project was conceived some time ago, as the Ukrainian armed forces, the border guard and the national guard will change with time to NATO standards,” Pasternak said during a press conference in Kiev at the time.

The test comes as Democrats ramp up your impeachment investigation of trump. Democrats moving forward with these efforts, after a whistleblower complained that the President, in the July call, expressed the President of Ukraine to investigate the business relations of the former Vice-President Joe Biden, whose son Hunter, in this country.

The ship has been isolated by the Republicans, including Trump himself, in the last days: the Republicans have decried, such as ship, during a hearing in the last week, read a “parody” version of Trump and the phone call with the Ukrainian President, Vladimir Zelensky.

Republicans slammed the ship to the Intelligence Committee confirmed this week that the whistleblower, the alleged failure was reached to ship the panel prior to the filing of a complaint.

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