Adam Schiff neglect of his district’s homeless crisis, GOP challenger says

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While U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff was trying to accuse President Trump, who remained homeless crisis in his California constituency, untouched, to replace a candidate on the search ship said this week.

Eric Early, a Republican, to represent the hope of the state’s 28 electoral district in the next Congress, spoke about the range of problems during the tours of the district with a reporter from FOX 11 Los Angeles.

The Challenger accused the ship – who drew national media attention in the last year, to represent as the face of the house Democrats’ efforts to remove the trump of the office to be very focused on the Capitol Hill, politics, rather than the daily well-being of the people he was elected.


“He spends too much time in Washington, the spotlight on addiction,” Early to be a Los Angeles area lawyer, said the ship. “It’s time for a Congressman to be here, that actually cares about our district.”

“He spends too much time in Washington, the spotlight searches. It’s time for a Congressman to be here, that actually cares about our district.”

— Eric Early, the GOP candidate for Adam Schiff of the US house seatVideo

Some have accused of trying to ship to that position, running for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who will turn 87 in June.

During the tour of the streets North of downtown L. A., Early FOX showed 11 examples of drug use, mental health problems and other social evils, the ship’s components every day.

A homeless man said to the beginning, he could not afford to pay for colon cancer treatment, while a young woman said her mother was looking the fight against the drugs and her father was in prison.

“It’s a mess in here, it’s terrible,” Early said, accusing the ship of being, and not to the needs of the community.

“He has said nothing, or almost nothing, for our County,” Early. “Certainly not a darned thing for the homelessness.”

With a University of Southern California survey the homelessness issue of the No. 1 shows of concern, the circle of voters, Early said that he is planning to attention to the problem, as he works to block the ship for re-election.

Ship’s team pushed back against earlier accusations, but. They noted that the longtime Congressman is a native of Massachusetts, lived later in Arizona before she got to California — recently pulling out of a roundtable discussion on affordable housing for the district and introduced bills in Congress to homelessness.

U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., was more focused on the Washington policy, than on the homeless crisis in his California district, a Republican, says cher challenger. (Associated Press)

The ship is characterized Early on as someone who has been surgically of the trump administration, on the President’s harshest critics.

“These attacks by Eric Early, who is from the district and knows little of our community, are characteristic of someone who once described himself as trump’s biggest supporters in California,” ship campaign, wrote FOX 11. “Can you please trump, but not to impress our electorate.”


Early however, contrary to that he thought more voters would support him, because he thinks that most of the district residents are fixed anxiously on the homelessness problem. He said he would remove an improvement to the current system for dealing with the mentally ill and the support of the legislation to the homeless people of the streets, if you refuse to accept help.

“We need someone to fight the strong enough and to say we’re going to forcibly move these people out of the street, if you don’t come voluntarily,” Early told FOX 11. “It may not look as, quote-unquote compassionate, but I think it is much more compassionate than to die, that these people out here.”

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