Actresses Evelien Bosmans and Daphne Wellens warn: “Caution for piemelboys!’

Many cafépraat, sessions at amateurpsychologen and do laugh about semi-rape: the film Charlie and Hannah are going out paints a sobering picture of the millenials.

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On 14 February, Charlie and Hannah go out in the halls, a film by Bert Scholiers about two young women who have a night out. The result is a generatieschets, just like the interview that hoofdrolspeelsters with Daphne Wellens and Evelien Bosmans that this week in Knack Focus. They come under more back on the character Piemelboy, hanna’s death one-night stand with its vergrijpt while they knock out on the couch. ‘There are quite a few Piemelboys around the world,” says Wellens. “Every girl between twenty and thirty years has a private Piemelboyverhaal. Or at least a best friend who is there by accident one took home’, adds Bosmans.

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“There are no camps: we all agree that sexual abuse is objectionable.’

Evelien Bosmans

According to the two, there is solid debate about that storyline. ‘We do not laugh about a semiverkrachting?’ asks the Bosmans themselves. ‘But it shows very well how unstable Hannah actually is, and adds an extra layer of sadness. They make an amusing caféanekdote of something that is not so pleasant.’ “But to be honest? So it was our generation there until recently just also. If we have such stories to tell each other, it is almost always shrugging. Since last year is that happy otherwise. With #metoo, there is hopefully something in motion in men and women.”

It would be nice if it is a proper term to be’, laughs Wellens. “That parents and their daughters can alert: watch for Piemelboys! But you may such a theme yet, just in your movie without a clear judgement?’ Bosmans calls for nuance: “There are no camps: we all agree that sexual abuse is objectionable. It is a small grey area, where the one and the other to be quiet.’

Presumption of innocence

Director Bert Scholiers was inspired by Woody Allen, himself accused of sexual abuse. Also Bosmans is a fan. ‘Allen is a genius filmmaker with a place among the greats of film history, and his work has me incredibly inspired. It is not an issue, but if he will let me tomorrow a role represents, I would still say yes. (thinks) Or is that really weird? Look, there, I am so nervous.’

The presumption of innocence is a very nice system. All was also been accused, the matter has been examined and there appeared to be at least insufficient evidence to convict him. He can have his job still is running, and so would I however, will be tempted into biting if he will let me tomorrow a role?’

Read the full interview with Daphne Wellens and Evelien Bosmans in our +zone, or in the Knack Focus of 7 February.

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