Actress Elise Schaap is afraid of attacks

Actress Elise Schaap is afraid of attacks

The thought that a terrorist attack in one blow put an end to her life, she is often by the head of Elise Schaap as soon as they are large public spaces enters.

That well-known the actress Thursday in Linda’s zomerweek.

Schaap admits that she is afraid for an attack. “I go very often with public transport. And I try also to think about: the chance that you died by a fall from a keukentrappetje is 340 times bigger than that you should perish in a terrorist attack.”

The Family Kruys-star also knows that it is not realistic that she by a terrorist attack, comes to life. “You can, for all are afraid, but that has not so much sense.”

Sheep revealed that she is not a career abroad aspires to. There she came after them years ago in a film played, for which the recordings in Italy were. She spent three months in Turin.

“I thought it was great, but after a month I had seen. I wanted to go home,” laughs Lamb. She finds that a talent must have to just hurry to somewhere to leave. “I really like home and the people here.”


About her partner of twelve years, actor Wouter de Jong, she says that the love at first sight, but also not. The two met at the Drama school. “I saw him standing, and he looked a bit of the old situation, and he was a bit to me to lie in wait. So I thought: that is quite a nice guy.”

But when a call came, turned out to be The Young a rather unusual opening sentence.

“He asked: do you use deodorant? It turned out afterwards that he has a fun, playful opening sentence wanted to break the ice, but that was totally not,” says Schaap.

“And he said that at that moment he hoped that he to my armpits should smell, so we already have a kind of intimacy would have. However, I was intrigued. I thought: he is weird, but very nice. Within six weeks it was arranged.”

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