Actors are like that, Stranger Things, after five seasons, it stops

The cast of Stranger Things, it hopes that the series still has one or two seasons will tell the actors to have fun Tonight. The third season begins in July, the first time.

Finn Wolfhard, Holes, Matarazzo, and Noah Schnapp, tell it on the red carpet of the MTV Movie and TELEVISION Awards is that they are in the third season of the Stranger Things to the best of the season so far to find.

“Of course We are biased, but we truly believe that it will be a great season,” said Wolfhard, who played the role of Mike’s playing.

The actors have no way to be sure if, after the first season, a sequel is coming. Schnapp, who played the role of Will’s plays, to think that five seasons is the perfect number for the Stranger Things to.


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“The makers want us to have nothing to say’

Wolfhard, adding that there will be at least one more season, it should come out at all ends. “Just one or two seasons, I think. In any case, for it is good to be able to complete,” says the actor.

Matarazzo, who played the role of a Living play, hoping that the series goes on too long. “I think that we should stop when we feel that the story needs to be finished,” he said. “We should not be too long to continue, as there are no more stories to tell.”

All the actors are saying, in vain, to have tried it with the creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, to talk about the end of the series. “Sometimes, we say sometimes that we are like the five seasons, but they would not have to tell you,” said Wolfhard.

The third season of the Stranger Things is going to be on the 4th of July will have its premiere on Netflix.

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