Actor Yorick van Wageningen writes ‘black comedy’

Actor Yorick van Wageningen writes ‘black comedy’

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Yorick van Wageningen is in the process of writing a book. This should say a black comedy.

This he said Monday in RTL Late Night.

“From when I was little, I wanted to write more than play. I thought that I need to go do. But every time I did that, I wanted to speak up. So bad I liked my work. When I or other off-the-wall therapist in Rome found that that road has conjured. Now, I’m writing.”

Wageningen: “I call the book “a black comedy”, but everyone refers to it as drama. It’s about a depressed, Amsterdam Labour party councillor in the future that is to be transferred to Almere to have a cooperation with a left-fascist party.”


“I believe you, movie, a message may bring, I only have a slight need for that in a different way,” says the actor in RTL Late Night. “When I turned 50 I thought,’ I should do something different with my life. It is as if I rolled am.”

“People wanted me to work,” he continues. “Real magnitudes. That’s crazy.”

Previously reported Wageningen all that he wanted to stop acting. “I think it’s had enough and wants something else,” said the actor at the time.


Of Wageningen made the last ten-year career in Hollywood, where he with many great directors worked. He was seen in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Riddick and The Way (with Martin Sheen).

Also, was the actor seen in Dutch productions such as winter in wartime and The Throne. Of Wageningen regiseerde also the play of a Total Loss, based on the film that he made in the nineties broke.

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