Actor: Rutger Hauer (75) passed away after a short illness

Actor Rutger Hauer will be on Friday, July 19th, at the age of 75 died. His spokesman, Steve Kenis, confirms the news to Variety.

Her Wednesday in the private burial. He passed away after a short illness, at his residence, the centre of All. That’s his family, let me know. It is not clear where the actor’s death.

Hauer started his career in the mid-sixties, when the Northern Company, with works including those by Shakespeare. In 1969, he took over the starring role in the series Floris, directed by Paul Verhoeven, in and of itself. In the Netherlands, he achieved great success with films, Turkish delight and Soldier of Orange, also under the auspices of Turkey, and then he was in Hollywood the way she does.

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Verhoeven: “I alter ego lost

Turkey will let know in a comment to his “alter-ego to be.” “There are people who have a presence in your life, and so, of course, is that you can’t even imagine that it was suddenly over,” says Verhoeven.

“With help, for me, was what, Marcello Mastroianni, for the Largest part, an alter-ego. I remember only the beautiful things, even if they were really ever stress. But that’s all part of the game. In the movie, I thought: what is the role of it may Help this time to play?”

A colleague of Monique van de Ven, the counterpart of Her in a Turkish delight, is excited by the news. “He’s 47 years old, was a part of my life,” says Van de Ven. Following the release of the film, and in 1973, the two will always be friends remained the same. “We weren’t in love with it, but still it burst with our love of the work, as they are always so nicely put it.”


The multi-faceted career of Rutger Hauer, in a nutshell

Her has won numerous awards during a career

In 1982, he played in the movie Blade Runner, which, in the first instance, it was not a huge success it was, but a few years later for a status as a cult classic, was present. In 1988, he won a Golden Globe for his supporting role in the series, Escape From Sobibor. In the later years of his career, he has appeared in films such as Sin City and Batman Begins, and he also had a guest appearance in the series ” True Blood.”

For his performance, and received Her multiple awards, including a Golden Globe award, two Golden Calves, one for his role in Turkish delight, and a life time achievement award), and a Rembrandt Award.

The career of Rutger Hauer (75)

Rutger Hauer was at the festival Film by the Sea, the Grand Acting Award.

He is deserving of the award with an impressive international and the oeuvre, as does the organization of the festival and well-known.
© Hollandse Hoogte

The actor, who began his career as a knight, Floris are in the same range. This was not only a breakthrough, but also that of the director, Paul Verhoeven.
© Hollandse Hoogte

Paul Verhoeven has made Her even Turkish delight. The film adaptation of the novel by Jan Wolkers, drew 2.4 million visitors, and was voted the best Dutch film of the century.

The oorlogsepos “Soldier of Orange” has meant both for Her, as Jeroen Krabbe at the end of the seventies, it’s a ticket to Hollywood. Her continued, life-long friend of Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema, is the role that he has in the movie is played.

His big break in the US, had Her in with his role as a replicant in the science fiction classic, Blade Runner. The film is considered to be one of the best genre films of the past few decades.
© Hollandse Hoogte

Since then has played for Her in many Hollywood movies. Usually he was cast as the villain, as in the haunting The Hitcher.
© Hollandse Hoogte

Her’s is the one and only Dutch person who has a Golden Globe win for his role in war drama Escape from Sobibor.
© Hollandse Hoogte

Her it is, moreover, always in the province of Friesland to continue to live in it. But it was only in 2011, the actor for the first time in thirty years in the Dutch film industry: the film, The Heineken Kidnapping”.

The actor, appointed a Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion

The most recent role which Her played on the show, porter’s. Also, he is one of the included project, Tonight at Noon, in which he is seen alongside Chiwetel Ejiofor.

According to filmsite MOVIE stood before Her, six other projects are in the pipeline, including the snookerfilm Break. This play is the actor in the role of Ray, the villainous owner of a dilapidated snookerhal. The film would have been included.

Her in 2013 was appointed a companion of the Order of the Netherlands Lion. He was fifty years old, together with his wife Ineke for Her-Ten.

Hauer also founded a foundation to

The actor was known for his many appearances in the media, something that is, at the end of his career and life. For example, in 2006, a documentary film about him titled the Blonde hair, Blue Eyes, he is a film school, in addition to the Starfish Foundation, a foundation that cares for aids orphans.

“We will have a lot of memorable moments with the Help of always keep and cherish,” allow the institution to know, in a statement. “As one of his final wishes was that a Starfish in the fight against hiv / aids continues to operate, and with the help of Ineke, we will comply with this request will try to comply, and we will do our best to make his legacy continue.”

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