Actor Jussi Smollett shows himself confesses to attack to have invented

Empire-actor Jussi Smollett himself Thursday in Chicago reported to the police. The actor said previously abused, but admits now the attack scene, due to “dissatisfaction about his salary.”

Earlier that day, the 36-year-old Smollett held on suspicion of a false declaration. The actor has later become known that the attack, in the scene, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

The Chicago police called the action of the actor “an outrageous stunt”. Smollett would have done this to obtain a higher salary.

According to the chief of police of the police has put the actor first, a letter written and sent to his employer to get attention. The content of this letter is not released yet.

The actor paid $ 3.500 $ to attack to make them run

When he noticed that nothing about it would bring, he is 3,500 dollars (more than 3,000 euro) paid to the attack scene. “This shows that Empire-actor Jussi Smollett wanted to take advantage of the pain and anger that racism can bring about, with as goal to move further up to come,” says the chief of police.

Later on Thursday there will be a hearing where the judge will decide whether Smollett, in anticipation of the process should be released.

The actor may receive a prison sentence of one to three years and a fine of up to $ 25,000.

Also, Donald Trump reacted to the news. “How about the millions of people you have offended with your racist and dangerous actions?”, asks the Us president.

.@JussieSmollett – what about MAGA and the tens or millions of people you insulted with your racist and dangerous comments!? #MAGA

AvatarAuteurrealDonaldTrumpMoment of plaatsen16:09 – February 21, 2019

Fox Entertainment, the producer of Empire, late in a response, to know “the future of Smollett at the station to investigate”.

Actor thought to have been attacked by racists

The actor claimed earlier that he at the end of last month was attacked by two men, who are racist and homophobic remarks would have made. He also suggested to have been beaten and doused with a chemical substance.

Last week were two extras from the series Empire held. Shortly after, they were again released. Rumors that the actor fired would be in the Empire, were by station Fox contradicted.

UPDATE: Chicago Police Detectives take #Empire actor #JussieSmollett into custody to face Class 4 Felony charge punishable for up to 3yrs in prison for Disorderly Conduct in Falsifying Police report. Bond Hearing scheduled for 1:30p in Cook County Criminal Court.#ChicagoPolice

AvatarAuteurTomAhernCPDMoment of plaatsen11:37 – 21 February 2019

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