Activities took place from looddeeltjes in the church of Notre-Dame from the start

The French authorities, on Tuesday, about four months after a devastating fire in the cathedral of Notre-Dame cathedral, work began on a large-scale campaign to be released looddeeltjes to clean up. The streets, plazas, and street furniture are to be cleaned thoroughly.

On the roof of the bombed-out steeple of the cathedral of Notre-Dame, was nearly 400 tons of lead are processed, which is in the area too. Over the next few weeks in the vicinity of the cathedral, cordoned off, report the French media.

At first, the streets are cleaned under high pressure with water and a mild detergent. After that, it is in some areas a kind of blue gel, spray-painted, in which the looddeeltjes to it will stick. The gel can have up to three days to dry and is then removed. A process that in five days it will take.

Rather, all of the schools and day-care centres in the vicinity of the cathedral of Notre-Dame is cleaned, after the first informative study website Mediapart revealed that there were high levels of lead have been measured in the soil in the immediate vicinity of the cathedral of Notre-Dame.

The measured values were the loodnorm a four – to-seven times the limit. This information is not made available to the public by the French authorities, the onderzoeksmedium.

According to the authorities, there is no need to worry

According to the campaign group Robin des Bois, were for the authorities and the general public need to be informed and precautions should be take. The group has lodged a complaint with the Paris commercial court. The unrest among Parisians, is increased.

The French health-care services, however, say that the people are not worried as they are. Rather, it was for a child to have a high concentration of lead found in the blood, but there were no significant measures have been taken to be.

At the end of July, however, the restoration works in the cathedral of Notre-Dame, shut-down, as the workers ‘ risk of loodbesmetting the future. The health and safety inspectorate, it was concluded that the measures taken were not sufficient.

No matter how high the concentration of lead in the vicinity of the cathedral of Notre-Dame, is still unknown. Also, it is not clear exactly how big the risks are. After the large-scale opruimactie, there will be a new measurement is to be carried out.


Every hour on the hour: a devastating fire in the cathedral of Notre-Dame

Exposure to lead can have health risks associated with bring in

The metal lead has been used widely used in the field of housing, but also in batteries and in paints. Exposure to lead can have health risks associated with the transactions.

“If a person is long exposed to the lead; there may be anaemia, emergence, and functioning of the body and fertility can be impaired. In children, low levels of lead in the body lead to an impaired development of the nervous system, which may manifest itself in behavioral disorders and diminished intelligence”, the national Institute for public Health and the Environment.

According to the world health organisation, is not to say that the amount of lead in the body is safe.


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