Activists have to sail for weeks in the direction of climate the Chile, but that has been cancelled.

A group of 36 international klimaatactivisten run on the 2nd of October by sailing to the port of Amsterdam, from the direction of the conference COP25 of the United Nations (UN) in Switzerland. That country is decided to be the top on Wednesday, however, is to blow it up. What’s to come for the crew of the Regina Maris?

It is an experience, with the activists of the organization will set Sail to the COP would be in mid-november, arriving in Brazil, and then by bus to Chile, where from the 2nd to the 13th of december, and the summit would be held in Santiago.

This month, after the departure of the Regina Maris, vomiting, however, are the big demonstrations in Chile against the social inequalities and economic problems in the country. “We followed up on the news, in Chile, on the foot, and when we reach the had,” says the 24-year-old Maria’s Father, one of the Dutch promoters of the Sail to the COP, through a port in the African Country of

Up until this past Monday, it was a state of emergency is in force in Chile, and on Wednesday saw the country from the organization of the COP25. The united nations is looking now for an alternative. As the co-host of the COP25 Costa Rica, but the country says it is currently only in the consultation with Chile regarding the situation. We are currently in the Regina Maris in the port of Cape verde, Praia, in the complete uncertainty about the rest of the trip.

“We happen to be, along with a Kaapverdisch the island, which we reach before, and it is news to hear,” said The Father. “We did happen to have a consultation with the sponsors of our trip, as we were told by president Piñera in a press conference held”.

The internet was not fast enough to have to live with it have to watch for the announcement of the president, and so had the sailors, depending on the news from other sources. Also called the initiators of their own network, such as a thuisteam in Germany, at the request of the sailors on the team.

The crew of the Regina Maris. (Photo: Sail-to-the-COP)

Initiators of the project showed a bell tinkle on the deck, and after the news

“We have decided to be the first of more news to wait until we get the whole crew inlichtten. When the final word is on the top came in, we had the call on the deck to tinkle, and we cried all together,” says The Father. “Everybody in the crisismodus, and it was really interesting to see the” smile of the christians. She told us that the ship’s laptops and cell phones emerged.

The crew hopes to soon hear whether or not there is an alternative venue for the summit. The Co-host of Costa Rica, it is a possibility, but also, for example, in Poland, that is, the above COP24 organized. There is still a question as to whether the Regina Maris in the destination of change or transit. “We have to stay at least a night in Praia, in the hopes of finding more clarity,” says The Father.


The crew of the Regina Maris returns a response on the cancelled conference

The initiative, inspired by sweden’s klimaatactivist

The ride of the Sail is to be the COP that has been inspired by the sixteen-year-old Swedish klimaatactivist Greta Thunberg. Thunberg sailed in the middle of the English of Plymouth to the united states in New York City for the climate summit that was to be held.

Thunberg declined to fly due to the emission of carbon dioxide, and found that sail is the most carbon-neutral option would have been. As critics have pointed out, however, that in order to make the trip possible, and different people would have to fly to New York to make the return journey by Thunberg to be adjusted.

The Father says that to Sail is to the COP’s attention to ask for water, and that the travel industry wants to become more sustainable. “That’s why we live in was also very involved with the people of Chile. They don’t feel heard by their leaders. We also believe that everyone’s voice is important.”

Greta Thunberg on her yacht on its way to New York city. (Photo: Getty Images)


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