‘Acne in adult women may be due to the lack of vegetables and fruit’

‘Acne in adult women may be due to the lack of vegetables and fruit’

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Acne is more common among adult women that food with high fat and sugar food. Women who a lot of fruits, vegetables and/or eat fresh fish, there is less burden of.

That is to say Italian researchers of the research center for dermatology GISED in Bergamo, reports CBS. They examined more than five hundred adult women, half of which suffered from the skin disorder acne.

The women who have three or less days per week fruit and vegetables or fresh fish, ate, were two times less often have acne than women who these products more than three days ate. The results are published in the scientific journal the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.


Except the diet, there are more factors that may play a role. So it seems the chance of acne is higher if immediate family members also suffer and can the back of a pregnancy increase the risk. Also have women with acne often suffer from chronic stress.

The Italians emphasize that a direct link between acne and the factors mentioned are not proven; this requires additional research. Twenty to forty percent of the twintigplussers has regularly suffer from acne, and women suffer more often than men.

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