Accidents on holiday: you must do this for quick healing

Accidents on holiday: you must do this for quick healing

An accident sits in a small corner. Especially on holidays, when most people, however, suffer from a wound, blister or stitch. put the most common ‘small’ vakantieongelukken in a row and asks Jeannette Heerschop, first aid instructor for the Red Cross, which treatment method is most effective.


“You have a long day ahead of us? Use as a precaution blister patches are. That can be a blister avoid. You should not use them if you already have a blister – that is sometimes misunderstood, you can damage not reduce. Do you have a blister and he is still closed? Let it close and cover the blister with a plaster. Just paste this over the blister and make sure that he can’t move, that causes friction. Also make sure that there are no wrinkles in the bandage arise. An open blister, make you clean with running water and cover with sterile dressing.”


“This rinse you clean with lukewarm, running water. The intention is that the dirt from the wound. A small injury can dry in the air. A larger wound or a place that is smooth and connected, playing on clothes, deck you used to establish the severity sterile dressing. Disinfection is not necessary unless there is no running water in the neighborhood.”

Bruised finger

“Your finger, for example after a fall, an abnormal position? Please contact your doctor, because the chances are that it is a fracture. If you finger only bruised, for example, by a fanatical game of volleyball, you need your fingers for ten to twenty minutes cooling. Keep your finger just to use, to the extent that the pain allows. Spicy pain can be alleviated with some paracetamol. If the swelling is after four to five days and the pain does not disappear, you should still go to the doctor.”

Twisted ankle

“Cool, you only have ten to twenty minutes with a coldpack in the cooler or groentela of the refrigerator) or cold running water. After that look or the ankle is actually sprained or not, by four steps – normal steps, having flat foot. If this does not work, go to the doctor. If it succeeds, you can only once again cooling. He will be thick and blue and this goes on. Steunverband may also be some extra comfort, as you only really need to use it.”

Small burn

“First water, the rest comes later. Use lukewarm water: for a victim to feel this cold. Cool the spot ten to twenty minutes. Also check to see if there is clothing or jewelry are glued to the wound and remove it, if this is easy to manage. If you have a serious burn, you must, of course, call 112, otherwise you can the wound cover. The wound should be as clean as possible and use preferably non-adherent dressing. You may as noodmiddel also plastic kitchen cling film or a clean plastic bag. About you than cool.”

Wasps or insect sting

“Wasps usually after a sting, the sting behind. Remove this with a fingernail or the blunt side of a knife. There Is no angel left behind or did you put it to, for example, a steekvlieg, cool the area with a wet compres. Then it’s a matter of a lot of itching, there are several ointments to purchase. It is very thick? Then it is a good idea to contact a doctor. You going to harder to breathe and your tongue is thick, then you probably are allergic and it is important to direct 112 call.”


“A lot of people find it hard to say whether they suffer from a heatstroke. If your skin roodverbrand it is important to cool the skin with a wet cloth and perhaps a paracetamol for the pain. The roodverbrande skin coupled with vomiting, headache, fever and/or chills, then you need to contact the doctor. In the wake of a heatstroke is heat exhaustion. That you recognize to excessive perspiration, high body temperature and a pale face. People with heat exhaustion get headaches, become dizzy, suffer from muscle cramp, feel weak and sometimes have vomiting or fainting. To do this, your skin is not burned, but it can be: if your sunburn is a heat exhaustion less quickly, because someone has not turned out. Bring someone with heat exhaustion to a cool place out of the sun. Let someone drink, but not cold, beverage, preferably a bottle that is not in the fridge. To the zouttekort to fill up the excessive perspiration it is also important to have salt to eat, some chips, for example. This must quickly recover. If this does not work, please contact 112.”

Jellyfish – or pietermannensteek

“If there is a sea breeze is, do you have in the Netherlands more likely to be jellyfish. In addition, there are in our country also many pietermannetjes: a fish with a spine at the back in the surf just below the sand clogged. You stand there, then you have a spine in your foot, that may hang. Rinse both in a jellyfish – like pietermannensteek with as hot as possible water, or else seawater. To ensure that the netelcellen release that the jellyfish themselves stuck and put the poison out of action. This applies for Dutch jellyfish, tropical animals have their own ‘instructions for use’. The pain and itching must then, within fifteen minutes reduce. The netelcellen that a jellyfish on your body is smooth and connected, playing scrape your way with for example a bank card. Not with your fingers, because those cells, then it stuck.”

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