‘About thirty years hear and meditate just for a healthy lifestyle’

Meditation is good for body and mind. Mark Siegenbeek van Heukelom wrote the book All the way to the meditering. He guides us sober by the world of meditation and mindfulness.

There already exist many books about meditation. Why did this book get there?

“There is a large group of people interested in meditation and mindfulness, but that which is through the existing supply of books is not achieved. Meditatieboeken are often vague.

In trainings I have in the business, I also use sometimes a meditation. There I get always good responses, because I am very down to earth bring. I wanted a down to earth book write that the ‘antizweverigen’ appeals.”

Mark Siegenbeek van Heukelom is a trainer, coach and quarterlife expert. In addition to All the way to the meditering he wrote the bestseller ” Is this it?’

But meditation is not sober?

“That’s what I thought in the past as well. A bit to sit on a cushion with your eyes closed… And that would be good for you.

That meditation is for some people a bad name, is because meditation classes often are given in venues with candles, singing bowls and buddha statues. You rise to hurry on the wierookdampen.

But all of those things have nothing to do with what meditation in the heart is all about.”

Because, what is meditation then?

“Meditation is aandachtstraining. In our head, we are always busy with the past: something that happened at work, a difficult phone call, or with the future: the messages that you need to do, a job where you dread to see.

We are never in the now. With meditation, you bring your attention to this moment. For example, to an object, to the sensations in your body or your breathing. You observe what there is now, and as soon as you notice that you are distracted, bring your attention calmly back.”

It seems to be a form of hersentraining?

“That is the essentially also. As you train more, you hersenspieren stronger and you become less easily distracted. Not only during meditation itself but also during the rest of the day. You are more concentrated and more focused.”

And it also has health benefits right?

“Yes. Research has shown that meditation the concentration of stress hormones in the blood decreases. And that makes for an improved immune system, better blood pressure and less anxiety and depression. Neurological and hormonal is happening in your body when you meditate.”

So you start with meditation (5 to 10 minutes)

  • Pull up a seat on a chair, make sure that your back is straight and place your hands loosely in your lap or on your knees.
  • Close your eyes and bring your attention to your body: feel your feet touching the ground, how your legs and buttocks make contact with the chair and how your back and the backrest touches. Also feel how heavy your head actually is. This includes your whole body with your attention: from your toes to your crown.
  • Notice now your breathing. Where are you feeling the most? In your belly? Your chest? Your nostrils? Follow your breath on that spot for a while with your attention: from the beginning of inhalation to the end of your exhale. Change nothing, brand him alone.
  • You notice that you are straying with your thoughts, bring your attention gently back to your breathing. What sometimes helps is to take the breaths, to count: 1 on inhale and 2 on exhale, 3 on an inhalation, etc. Until you get to 10. Then you start again at 1.

What have you personally completed?

“More peace in my head. And a better connection between my mind and my body.

You know, you hear someone say: ‘I want this, because it feels good. I follow my feeling.”

I had no idea where I was supposed to feel. I reasoned everything always mentally. Now I also know how my feeling can hear. If I have abdominal pain get from a particular plan, it might just not be such a good plan and should I not do.”

Cost meditate not very much time?

“Ten to thirty minutes per day to meditate takes time, yes. But that time you earn on the long run back in effectiveness and productivity.”

How do you start if you have never meditated?

“In my book I take you by the hand and I’ll give you a simple guided meditations that you have on my site can follow. I refer also to various meditatieapps.

Just try it out and promise yourself that you at least a week, stick to it, preferably a little longer. You do not always in one time to benefit from meditation. It takes practice and patience.”

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What do you hope your book will achieve?

“Socially, there is a great need for rest and reflection. We are all busy and will be confiscated by our smartphones. That makes us stressed out and hunted. Meditation may be an answer. I think that to meditate about thirty years is very normal. Then meditate just for a healthy lifestyle. I hope that I can contribute to that tilt.”

Mark Siegenbeek van Heukelom is a trainer, coach and quarterlife expert. He is the founder of The start-up of Dreams, which he the young professionals helps to give more direction to their lives and dreams.

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