Aaron Carter invents broken nose after a traffic accident

Aaron Carter invents broken nose after a traffic accident

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Aaron Carter has Tuesday fabricated his nose would have broken in a traffic accident. According to his management got no one injured in the collision.

The singer, the brother of Backstreetboy Nick Carter, left Tuesday via Twitter know that he is a ‘horrible’ accident had had his BMW a total loss was hit.

He published a series of tweets about the incident, in which he stated: “It was never my intention to such a serious accident to get involved” and “I have more people hit but nothing compared to what has happened today.”

Carter also said that he has a broken nose, but according to his management there is nothing of where. It is also a source of Entertainment Tonight to let you know that Carter’s nose has not been broken and by the police just at home, is put after the clash in St. Petersburg in Florida. It would also still not clear how much damage the car has.

Driving under the influence

The 29-year-old Carter was in mid-July arrested for driving under the influence of narcotics. Later he gave in an interview to weed to have had, but he denied that he was under the influence behind the wheel to have been.

That he has swung way would, according to the singer have come because the car technical fault.


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