Aardbevingsschade Groningen affects living not to

Aardbevingsschade Groningen affects living not to

Inhabitants of the province of Groningen are satisfied with their residential environment, also those who live in an area where natural gas is extracted and arranged to earthquakes.

This is evident from an examination of the University of Groningen that Friday is published.

More than 80 percent of respondents indicate satisfied or very satisfied with the living environment. This also applies to people who once or more times damage suffered by earthquakes. People say especially enjoy their house, the rest, the ‘Groningen’ and the good facilities.

The question what is better, answers one in five respondents would like more amenities, such as supermarkets or playgrounds. Reduction of the gas production was, on average, 7 percent called, where residents of the gaswinningsgebied in north-East Groningen that answer more often than other people in Groningen.


In a first interim report at the end of april showed that aardbevingsschade have an impact on health. Groningen got to do with it, logging more and more complaints as abdominal or stomach pain, headache, insomnia and concentration problems. Also people feel that several times bevingsschade have suffered less safe.

For the research have 3.927 people from all 23 Groningen municipalities filled in a questionnaire. The researchers speak of sufficient representativeness in terms of age, educational level, and geographic distribution.

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