A$AP Rocky charged with assault: What is to be done?

A$AP Rocky, was on Thursday formally charged for assault. After a show in Sweden earlier this month, the rapper and his entourage on the street, followed by the two boys, and a fight ensued, and A$AP Rocky was arrested. Ever since he was in pre-trial detention. In the meantime, it’s all done?

July 2: take Action and arrest

A$AP Rocky, who actually is Rakim Mayers, is called, on Tuesday, the 2nd of July, on the boards at the festival Spot. After the show, the rapper and his entourage chased by two other guys. One of them, at one point, with his headphones in his hand, from the general sense of release, as can be seen in a video with A$AP Rocky online for sale. It is also in the video is the voice of a woman who said that she and her best friend on their but have been beaten by the two boys.

In another video, captured by TMZ, it was placed in, it can be seen how A$AP Rocky, one of the guys on the ground are working, accompanied by his entourage. It is thought to be currently the reason for the arrest of the rapper, his bodyguard, and a friend of his.

4th of July: Prosecutors want to be with A$AP Rocky for longer

The Swedish prosecutors to ask for an extension on the remand of A$AP Rocky, two weeks, and want to see if they are able to sue for abuse. If he is convicted, he could be up to six years in jail. In the general sense, the rapper is now being released for lack of evidence, and the person will be caught.

July 11: A$AP Rocky, have gigs, forced to cancel their appearance

A$AP Rocky, are forced to all of his gigs for the month of July, to say to you. He would be doing shows in Spain, netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Italy. Also the Following, which is from the 16th to the 18th of August, the release of the poster of the face. It seems very unlikely that this performance will continue.

The management of the artist, meanwhile, will know that A$AP Rocky is in jail, has to do with the “inhumane conditions”. He would be hard to get, and not to go to the toilet can. The management is also launching a petition for the release of the release.

July 18: the Artists speak in support of A$AP Rocky

Rapper, Tyga, is inclusive of A$AP Rocky, and he says his is scheduled to occur in Sweden is declining. Before tweette his support with the hashtag #FREEA$APROCKY. Also, Rod Stewart is sticking with A$AP Rocky, publicly, as a heart under the belt. “I am appalled by the news that my friend, A$AP Rocky, ill-treatment by the Swedish police”, wrote the British singer on Twitter. He ends his tweet with a photo of himself and the rapper, with a call for the rule of law.

It Later comes out that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reportedly have contacted Donald Trump. The president, who had previously been in contact with Kardashian, to discuss reform in the united states, it would be best to get the release to get. Moreover, A$AP Rocky, and a few years ago, and in a relationship with Kendall Jenner, the half sister of the Kardashian.

Just had a very good call with @SwedishPM Stefan Löfven who assured me that the American citizen A$AP Rocky, will be treated fairly. Likewise, I assured him that A$AP was not a flight risk, and offered to personally vouch for his bail, or an alternative….

AvatarAuteurrealDonaldTrumpMoment of plaatsen13:52 – 20th of July 2019

19 July: the Prosecutor’s office wants to be a rapper any longer in pre-trial detention to hold

The Swedish prosecutor’s office asked for an extension on the remand of A$AP Rocky, to the 25th of July, as the inquiry has not been completed yet. During a press conference at the White House, first lady, Melania Trump, in the meantime, know that it won’t be long, it will take a while for the release of coming home. “Foreign Affairs is currently working on, and he quickly gets back to the house,” said He.

July 22: a Boy who is a crew (A$AP Rocky’s attack will not be prosecuted

The guy who is the bodyguard turned to the rest of the crew, A$AP Rocky lastigviel, it will not be subject to prosecution. Swedish prosecutors say they believe the boy, who by the way never got stuck for over an hour, out of self-defense and others.

July 25: A$AP Rocky, was officially charged for assault

The Public Prosecutor’s office of Sweden, has announced the release of the two men in his entourage will be punished for ill-treatment. Of the three, the court remands to be seen. It is not yet known when the case is about.

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