A$AP Rocky, about the abuse: “We didn’t want to be so heavy-handed as his’

A$AP Rocky, last Thursday, through his lawyer, responded to the mishandelingszaak, where he is currently a member of. The American rapper has admitted to being a man, have been abused, and it says here you regret it, you have to have.

Also, he said in a statement to the police, namely, that the alleged victims, him and his entourage to the the road group. The two men remained for them to bother, and even then, the artist was telling them not to be able to help you.

“They were arrogant and annoying,” says A$AP Rocky, according to his lawyer, who on Thursday held a press conference, indicates that that is the message from the Swedish newspaper, the Aftonbladet newspaper.

A$AP Rocky calls himself a “good fighter”. “We were very, very hard for him,” said the rapper. “We didn’t want to be so heavy-handed to be. We didn’t think that this would be the result.”

As the artist says, sorry about the accident, and that it would not be wise to have your own court to play. “It was a battle and we defended ourselves. I would have to say that both parties are violent in.”

On the 30th of July will be the release of two of his friends from the start. What is certain is that the case in three days, it will take a while and there are a lot of shows are cancelled need to be made. His performance at the Lowlands festival on August 16, it is still the same.

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Release is only three weeks in pre-trial detention

The public prosecutor’s office of Sweden, was on Thursday announced the release of the two men in his entourage will be punished. A$AP Rocky, who actually is Rakim Mayers, is called, is only three weeks in pre-trial detention.

Pictures of the thirty years ‘tradition, itself, on social media, shared,” it was to see what he was trying to argue to the referee. Two of the men are already for some time in front of Mayers and his entourage to walk in, despite the fact that the group of men had been asked to stop.

It is said that one of the men, a pair of headphones have broken at the back of my mind, of a day of the release, and then the battle ended.

Social media footage of the fight is shared. Then it was time to see how the group of men will do.

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