Aanslagpleger in El Paso, admits that he had “a lot of people in mexico wanted to be shot’

The man who, last weekend, 22 people have doodschoot in El Paso, Texas, usa, has announced that he and the Natives had, to report to local authorities. This will make it more likely that an online manifesto in which the author of such a deed is pronounced by him, it is written.

The 21-year-old, the shooter and gave the same information on his arrest and during his trial, wrote the detective, Adrian Garcia, in a statement about the arrest.

The massaschietpartij were eight people in mexico killed, dozens of people were killed or wounded. Shortly before the attack, published on the website 8chan, a manifesto in which the author of such a deed, has announced. It is expected that the the defendant’s of the pages online, but that has not yet been proven.

The gunman took more than ten hours to the border town have been driving to get there, and then re-open. To his family and to the American media said that the man “was never a word is said about his aversion to immigration.


People take shelter under a bench in the shoot-out in Texas

He pointed to violent video games

After a couple of hours in the massaschietpartij in El Paso, and opened one of the other men the fire of the heart is in Ohio. It fell in nine dead and 27 wounded. This number was substantially and can go up, but the cops knew the guy, that is, bullet-proof clothing, wore it, and extra ammunition in his pocket, had, within a period of thirty seconds.

The President, Donald Trump, be after the shootout in Texas, with the finger at violent video games, which, according to him, “violence and hype”. An ever-increasing part of American society, it hopes, however, that the sales shall be handled.


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