A-Z shows a large portion of the roof of the stadium re-build

AZ has a large portion of the roof of the stadium is completely re-built. That is, the club has decided that, as a result of the preliminary conclusions that have been drawn from the investigations of the Dutch Safety board (OVV), and engineering consultancy Royal HaskoningDHV.

As soon as everything has been updated, it would be in AZ again in the league on the home field to play on. The Dutch club is different now to go to the stadiums of other clubs. As played the a-Z’s already home in The Hague, the netherlands.

“We had two choices: fix it or renew it. We have decided that about three-quarters of the cap to be refreshed,” said general manager Robert Eenhoorn from the club on Friday. “We don’t want to be one step back, but two forward. We want to be as quickly as possible and into a safe situation.”

As a part of the stadiondak collapsed on Saturday, the 10th of August. At that time, the wind was blowing hard and they were wind gusts of up to 100 kilometres per hour are being measured. According to Royal HaskoningDHV, it was “down-wind” to be responsible for the crash. “The roof was not designed for that, which is according to the standards of that time (2006 ed.) however, they ought to be.”

According to Royal HaskoningDHV, there is “a lot wrong” in the calculation of the design and construction of the stadium.

A preliminary investigation of the Dutch Safety board (OVV) came out earlier this month revealed that failing a contributing factor to the collapse of the roof. Also, in other parts of the stadium contain vulnerabilities, which, according to the MARKED as an ‘acute risk’ form.

“Everyone needs to feel safe’

As a result of further investigation of the MARKED and the engineering firm Royal HaskoningDHV has a-Z have been chosen in order to have a large portion of the roof is to be removed. In what time frame this happens, it is not yet clear. It is not likely that in AZ for the winter break, are still in their own stadium to play.

“The most important thing is that there is a stadium, where everyone feels safe,” said a Unicorn. “We are pleased with the conclusions, because we are now able to once again focus on the future. Hopefully, we can, as quickly as possible and for people to play with.”

Only the roof of the main stand is still intact. In accordance with a Unicorn that is part of another structure. In a later stage, it is determined that the part is now done. “We’re still looking into that part, and also whether or not it will still be good looking if anything has been updated.”

On Wednesday, it was already started with the demolition of the collapsed portion of the other one. It is not yet known when the rest of the parts have to be removed.

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