A-Z is surprisingly down against Wigan in the doelpuntrijk duel

A-Z this evening, surprisingly, the second-end of this Premier league season there. The Alkmaarders were in the Cars, Jeans, Stadium, 2-4 down against sc Heerenveen, the netherlands.

The mid leading in Heerenveen with 1-3, and thanks to an early goal from defender Sven Botman. Ron Vlaar made on behalf of AZ are the same, and then, were Rodney Kongolo, and Jens Odgaard for the visitors.

In the second half, and reduced by Calvin Stengs in the deficit to 2-3, but it was in AZ not in. Is stronger, due to an own goal by just joe Koopmeiners, it was even a 2 to 4.

Due to the defeat of the deficit, from a-Z on the forefront of Ajax to six points. The Locals were victorious Saturday night with difficulty by 1-2 to manchester city. Heerenveen, the netherlands with sixteen points from ten matches in the middle of the table.

Thursday, may a-Z are all recovering from the defeat by the Frisians. The team trainer, He Finally will be playing in the group stages of the Europa League, the Kazakh Astana team.

The joy in Heerenveen, the netherlands-after the match Rodney Kongolo. (Photos Are Pro Shots)

The number of goals a-Z is doubled

A-Z can be used against Astana once again to have Myron still doing it, which is against Wigan was suspended. By Ferdy Druijff in the rush hour in the Dutch club’s attack is less powerful, but more noticeable was the four-tegendoelpunten. In the nine previous games got a-Z in a total of just four goals against.

After seven minutes was the first strike for Heerenveen, the netherlands, in The Hague, the netherlands. Ajax-based mercenary-for-hire Botman said a big of that He is Now in (0 to 1). The 1-to-1 a-Z had a similar goal. The goal of the Koopmeiners and Vlaar was ball with his head.

A-Z was given opportunities at a head start, but half way through, which led to the visitors 1-3. At 36 minutes, it made Rodney Kongolo’s 1-2 with a layer and a shot, and at the time it was time again for the Teaser. Odgaard and struck in at the second post in.

Calvin Stengs was the second goal from the right. (Photo: A Pro-Shtos)

Koopmeiners in the wrong

By a margin of two was in AZ, after resting up for a tough challenge, but a quick goal by Stengs, if the Dutch supporters will once again hope to be. The attacker of the Young, the Orange shot from the right side to the inside. Wigan goalkeeper Warner Hahn has hit the ball, which is rolled for later on down the line (2-3).

A quarter of an hour later, went to Heerenveen again, and it was Koopmeiners is returned to you. The captain was able to rescue them in an effort of Kongolo, but he’s got the ball improperly, causing it to be a own goal and was (2-4).

The 2-4 was the match as good as decided. It was really exciting to be in The world a-Z for the first time this season, a game they lost.

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