A year after the assault, Bar fights New Zealand, to hate

The Australian man who was prosecuted for the shooting of a 51 worshippers at two mosques are in New Zealand, and made his attack, a blast in the city of Christchurch and further afield. Even though the community is united in grief, there is not as much as the extreme right-wing hatred came to light when, after the events of exactly a year ago.

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern mentioned those of march 15, 2019, one of the darkest days in New Zealand.

The man that she is no longer in his name to be called, took the day off with more weapons in order to carry out attacks at the Masjid al-Noor mosque, and that the Linwood Masjid mosque. His actions are told through a live stream, which you can see how the dozens of victims killed.

Soon, there followed a number of measures, that is, the repetition had to be avoided, including more stringent wapenwetten. “But since the attack, people who have hatred to spread properly encouraged,” says a spokesperson Anjum Rahman of the islamic council of women of New Zealand.

It also proposes to Rebecca Kitteridge, director-general of the security services in the country. “The attack has been an inspiration and an encouragement for some people.”

The security agencies in the country, it follows that between thirty and fifty people, a third of respondents, a higher number than in previous years. “The very existence of some of the people we already knew, but the attack also has a certain impact”, this is how Kitteridge, the.

One of the affected mosque after the attack. (Photo: Reuters)

The Incident at the al-Noor mosque

The fear within the muslim community grew from an incident earlier this month involving a man with a gezichtsbedekking a picture of himself at the al-Noor mosque, you know, with a charm of a gun, too. He did so on the instant messaging service Telegram.

Ardern has, in response, said that there was “more work will need to be made. We need to get to the base of the question as to why people are normally found to get death threats, to express themselves”. A suspect has been arrested in the case.

26VideoPremier new zealand about the attack: “We will give them nothing, not even his name

‘The message of peace and love.”

Farid Ahmed, the husband of one of the 51 fatalities, have taken it upon themselves to “carry a message of peace and love to spread”. He said that he was of the family of the aanslagpleger son.

“I’ve never been angry, but have we ever wondered: what was her (his wife-ed.) a crime? She hated no one.” His wife was shot and killed as they ran away from the mosque, in search of her husband.

“Sometimes when I’m driving and I can feel that she’s sitting next to me. Then, take a look, and then they are suddenly not”, says Ahmed, is about life with his new wife.

Sunday will be a large-scale commemoration was held in a sports stadium, for all of the 51 victims of the terrorist attacks.

A child lays flowers for the victims. (Photo: Reuters)

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