‘A woman’s missing ex-Philips chief executive to Be the Cohen is available in Kenya

The Kenyan wife of a missing former Philips top man to Be Cohen on Wednesday arrested by the Kenyan criminal investigation department, reports the Kenyan newspaper the Daily Nation. Sarah Wairimu Kamotho, who is Cohen, is in a bitter divorce had been involved in, or suspected of involvement in his disappearance.

The Daily Nation reports that, Kamotho Wednesday night has been arrested. It is expected that they will be in a state of accusation to be made due to the mysterious disappearance of her husband, who, since the 19th of July, every track is missing.

Before his disappearance, played with, there are a number of issues between the couple, as they planned to divorce and a dispute over the ownership of the expensive residence. Cohen had made a complaint of assault against Kamotho made. They accused him in turn, even that of force and violence.

Kamotho claimed, initially, that, Cohen, who, after a career with Philips in East Africa are a well established company in golf tours to set up, Thailand had travelled to for medical treatment. The Kenyan police have, however, found no evidence that the man has left the country.

Police are looking for three strange letters

The day before the disappearance of the Cohen’s were received by the british embassy in the Kenyan capital city of Nairobi, by Kamotho, signed the letter. Therein, the commission proposed that “to Be depressed is a mental disorder where he is because of personal reasons, do not want to be treated, and that this has a lot of problems and causes.

After the disappearance of the Cohen’s had its advocates, two letters. In these letters, the trader, she had been assigned to the divorce proceedings to stop. According to the lawyers that were on the signatures to these letters are obvious forgeries.

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