A woman shares a list of ‘bonkers’ complaints of houseguest staying with her family

The wife’s houseguest have been complaining about everything from the color of its presence (blue) of the fact that the Amazon Prime Video account is not a movie that’s still in the movie theater.

There are bad houseguests, and then there are the really bad houseguests.

A woman in the united kingdom, who recently hosted her husband’s brother, has taken her frustrations with her houseguest online, in which two dozen of the complaints he allegedly made during a visit to her house.

To the anonymous female who posted her personal list of parenting forum Mumsnet, under the handle “BanKittenHeels,” said her brother-in-law “- complained about” all of that is the number of covers in the house (there had been too much for her family’s clothing choices (shorts are unacceptable for the kids, obviously).


His remarks were not limited to, the family decoration or style of your choice. During his three-day stay, the woman’s brother-in-law’s alleged criticism of the family to the Amazon Prime Video account, because it is not in the recently released film, which he wanted to see the”Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”), he has a problem with the local takeout Thai restaurant, and for the sending of “too much” for free shipping with their orders, and he was not happy with the color of the woman in the blue deodorant.


See the full list of alleged symptoms as recorded by the BanKittenHeels, is as follows:

  • Amazon Prime Video does not have to have the new Quentin Tarantino film that, like in the movies. So, Amazon Prime is a waste of money.
  • The shower screen in the bathroom, which has a fixed place in a hinged shower screen.
  • Someone used the loo in the middle of the night, and he could hear the flush of his bedroom, the door was 3/4 open.
  • We have stair gates so that our kids don’t break their necks. “Very friendly staff”
  • It’s a Thai restaurant, and sent us a lot of prawn crackers. They are sent in an appropriate amount for the number of people, in fact.
  • My deodorant is a solid blue. And for what?
  • We don’t have an endless supply of spare clothes in his size and his taste.
  • His hair was still in the shower, in his own, and when he went to use it the next day.
  • The towels I have for him are white.
  • Our front gate is squeaking.
  • The aircraft is in the air is low.
  • We have a lot of rugs and carpets.
  • He can hear the traffic in the yard.
  • Our dogs won’t cuddle with him.
  • Our children have to wear a pair of shorts.
  • The settings of the seats in the car, and we borrowed him is not a good time.
  • He doesn’t have the pre-set stations on the car radio.
  • My Darling Husband,] (his brother), “don’t wear a hat”??????
  • That is, We do not have a very specific taste in music, and for him to be available on vinyl, although we had thought to find the right Spotify playlist for him, but that’s not quite the same authenticity.”
  • The local swimming pool (a large city) and is the state, Uk’s pm.”
  • Microwave steamers are the “exaggeration of the gadgets.” Then, 30 minutes later, “I don’t think that you would be able to steam vegetables in the steamer, do you think?” No s—!
  • Any of the 3 quilts that we gave him was appropriate.
  • I have to use my inhaler too often.
  • Why do I have rose hip oil in the bath, it is of no use to anyone.


Commenters were for the most part, in awe of the human being with the ability to to find things to complain about, with some calling for him to “f—ing bonkers” and completely without self-consciousness.”

Others have begun to suggest ways to get rid of him, ranging from banishing him to a hotel to have a straight-up murder. But even in that case, a commenter can be provided in the back.

“If you shoot for the head, and buried him under the patio @BanKittenHeels, the ground would be the wrong kind of relative-bashing, and the hole would be the wrong shape, and the sheet that wrapped him in a too-low thread-count, and the patio’s surface, it would have the wrong sort of stone/brick.”


BanKittenHeels was later confirmed that her husband did speak with his brother about the need to constantly complain about it, but that did little to deter him, and then complaining that the family does not keep track of the chickens, or the roads were wet, and when it was finally abandoned.

Unfortunately, BanKittenHeels claimed to be her brother-in-law was due to go back for a follow-up visit at the end of the week, the two brothers are at this moment dealing with a “family crisis”), though they did have a plan for when he comes back, and thanks to the commenters.

“Write out a list, and the next time they moan, don’t let anyone have anything to say, (hush them until you’ve made it on the list,” said one Mumsnet user. “To make it as clear as possible, as you do, repeat his complaint, slowly, out loud, to write it. Do it every time, and it shows in the list on the table.”


BanKittenHeels and her husband, who is doubled over with laughter as he reads the clue, saying that they are willing to give it a try.

“I haven’t really had the feeling that I have to do it, and then pull it out,” she wrote.

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