A woman scorned on her leg ugly takes revenge and becomes a model

Berlange Presilus has made it her mission to promote diversity and gave birth to her deformed legs on the photo shoot.

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A woman who suffered years of teasing as a child for a ugly leg deformity is taking vengeance and has become a model.

Berlange Presilus was diagnosed with a rare vascular condition called Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome (KTS). According to the Cleveland Clinic, the cause is unknown, but a limb is usually bigger and is colored with red and purple birthmarks involving blood vessels.

Berlange, who was originally from Haiti and lives in Toronto, Canada, told SWNS, “If I exposed my leg I would have been laughed at or teased.”

Berlange fought by her uncertainty and went on to prove that the bullies of the right models for brands including Toys R Us, Samsung, Mac, and Johnnie Walker.

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She described her years laughed, “They would say,” Look at her, looks like her leg is about to fall off.'”

“It gave me a bad feeling, and if I don’t belong. I felt like ‘Why me?'”

She told the news channel that they would look at fashion magazines and dream of being a model, but never thought it could happen for her since her leg was so unattractive.

The 28-year-old was born with a lump on her right leg, that formed a mass of intertwined wires, which are even bigger as she grew up. As a child, Berlange walked with a left tilt, and circulation issues made her toes curl and resulted in painful cramps. Finally, she was diagnosed with KTS at the age of 22.

But her deformed leg was not going to stop her. Berlange went to prove that the bullies of the right models for brands such as Toys R Us, Samsung, Mac, and Johnnie Walker, but avoided the tasks that require the display of her “defective” leg for the fear of rejection.

The model was cruelly ridiculed as a young girl by classmates, who said that it looked like her leg was “dead” and is covered under long pants and skirts for years, in shame.

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Then in 2016, when she was asked to go to Singapore for a swimwear shoot, she decided to share her experience with her agent in the hope that it might encourage others. She said: “I told my desk, but the room was pretty quiet. My agent said, ‘Why did you in the beginning?’


“The reason was that I was not ready to be rejected,” she said.

Unfortunately, the calls for work started to slow down.

Berlange told SWNS, “I ended up asking if he my condition and she said: ‘Unfortunately.’

“When I found out I wept and I was angry. I felt like it was unfair.”

“It took me years, but I started to question things and ask myself, ‘Was I really born to lie?’

“I decided that enough was enough and that I had to stand up for myself.”

Presilus decided to take part in a photo shoot as her own personal project showing off her leg, and is speaking out to help others on their differences.

“I decided to take part in this photo shoot and I have never looked back.”

“I discovered that I had magic, and now, I’m not quitting.”

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