A vacation to the French: ‘Who is French bread with jam orders will be up’

Who in France is the breakfast with bread, jam and butter, or it falls directly out of the basket as a tourist. What you need to know about the diet to be a true French or a Frenchman how to behave? ask Ilja Gort, producer, writer, and connoisseur of fine French food.
A breakfast Of tea, they would look odd on

“The French breakfast of coffee and a croissant at a coffee shop. The men eat, usually have a young family and the women chocoladecroissant, the French people have a ‘core’ name. When you place an order, learn the French that you are an expert and that they are not, you have to pay a visit.”

“There was even bread, jam and butter is offered to it, but that’s just for the tourists. When you order you will be immediately exposed. Also, drinking tea with the breakfast is funny looking up.”

“The French open is the bar, in a coffee shop to talk about it, that’s all there is in the world, except for France, because that is the only normal country. In a cafe to have your breakfast, you stand right in the middle of your life.”

During coffee break: “The worst coffee in the world.”

“There will be a tea and drunk for breakfast and after dinner. There is no such thing as “coffee time” in France. This is understandable, as is the tea in France, it is the worst coffee in the world. However, I suspect those cheeky French people that it can just fine coffee to be found.”

“If you’re a café, order in France, you’ll get an espresso
Ilja Gort, producer and writer

“If you’re a café, order in France, you’ll get an espresso. Tea with milk has a grand moisturizer. The cappuccino as we know it, is not so well-known in France, but is moving more and more in. The French are convinced that there is whipped cream on a cappuccino is supposed to. Personally, I think that’s very, very good.”


  • “The French give less of a tip than that of Dutch people, about 5 percent of the time. In the Netherlands we’re a bit more generous with the 10 per cent. But, simply, as a Dutchman you’re a normal price, I would have to say it.”

The French give less of a tip than people in the netherlands. (Source: 123RF)

Lunch: ‘a vegetarian life is not invaded’

“The French often eat nothing in the morning so they can eat lunch at 12: 00 noon. Otherwise, they will be very restless. The lunch can take up to 14: 30.”

Home for lunch, the French are quite simple: usually a salad, some bread, and possibly wine. As you head out the door, the street. Often, there will be a plat du jour (meal of the day, ed.). for the 12.50 euro breakfast, since this is the amount that is what the officials have to get to lunch.”

“The first course is a salad with shrimp, a soup, or meats. The main course is, of course, the meat; vegetarianism is not totally penetrated.”

If you really want to be very French to want to get a taste for the ‘Andouillette’ to go. You almost faint when you have these sausages and the smell – it’s made out of intestines and tripe, but the French are crazy about them. Lunch is always bread and wine. The dessert menu was a cheese plate, and a simple dessert such as ice cream or custard the French puddingtaart, ed.).”


  • “By order of the house, it is possible to get a waiter to ask you if you have a thin layer should be sampled. When ordering an expensive bottle of wine, it is helpful to have the waiter ask for advice. If you like wine, not like, you may often end up with something else to play. But to say in advance.”

A cheese board comes with the lunch and the dinner. (Source: 123RF)

Dinner With the dessert, flying the French out of the curve’

“The evening meal is the main meal and a full evening’s programme. Many times before, so at around 19: 00, have a glass of wine or a pastis (alcoholic anise drink, ed.). served with some nuts and olives, too. It’s called the few.”

“The vegetables are not so firmly rooted, that is, you really need to be ordered separately. The French people see potatoes, French fries and vegetables”
Ilja Gort, producer and writer

“The dinner consists of a starter, main course, a cheese platter, a dessert, and coffee or tea. The first course is often a salad with fruits of the sea. As a main course, there’s still a lot of meat and fish to eat. The vegetables were not so firmly rooted, that is, you really need to be ordered separately. The French see the potatoes, and French fries as a vegetable. Of course, there’s bread in the supper, and the idea is that you do with the pieces thereof, ‘sopt’, and the plate schoonveegt.”

“In the desert fly in the kitchen is often off the wall, great find, she’s a lot more fun to make than a piece of meat or fish. There are all the creations on the table, with chocolate, ice cream, and strawberries… So, which of the desserts was, in France and in the right place for you.”


  • What are the French eating habits do you know of any more? Please leave a comment under this article.

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