A tropical storm is pulling along by the hurricane, struck the Bahamas

The hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas and have a Saturday to deal with a lot of rain and strong winds. Tropical storm Humberto is currently attracting, along with the eilandenstaat to the south of the United States of america.

Up to and including Monday, can be up to 15 inches of rain to fall on the north-western islands, many of which are still messed up are due to the heavy storm at the beginning of the month. The storm was accompanied by winds up to 85 miles per hour.

May be it is Humberto, which is in the direction of the United States of america pulls in later in the weekend as a hurricane. Humberto, according to the American meteorologists is not a dangerous flooding is the cause, but it can be a problem for the emergency services on the island.

In addition to relief organizations, hundreds of Dutch soldiers, on the spot to provide emergency aid. As a result of the hurricane Hotel have been many, many thousands of buildings were damaged or destroyed. Seventy thousand of the inhabitants of the eilandenstaat to have shelter, food, water, and medicine.

The official death toll is currently at fifty-four. The authorities are expecting that more and more people have been killed. There are still hundreds of people missing. It is also possible that these people are in an emergency sit down.


Aircraft, films, havoc on the Bahamas, in the wake of hurricane Dorian

United nations-un secretary-general’s impression of the destruction

António Guterres, the secretary-general of the United Nations on Saturday, a Dutch Cougar helicopter over Colorado went to one of the hurricane Dorian hit the islands. Ad van de Sande, the commander of the Dutch mission will come to an End, accompanied Guterres on this tour around the island.

Guterres called for the destruction that the hurricane has been impressive, says Van de Sande. “This is in line with my own impressions, and that is exactly why we need to be.”

“The Dutch military have been working with for the provision of emergency and that lasts really well for a couple of days. Then, the reconstruction would come to an End, start. That is going to be a really long time.”

The bahamas have been hit hard by a hurricane Dorian

Storm Dorian, the island of Abaco in the ruins.
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People will drag to the assets which they have with them.
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Dorian held for nearly 48 hours and, incredibly, the house on the Bahamian islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama.
© To The Red Cross

The storm has the boat land on the side.
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The two women, walking between the ruins through.
© Reuters

The Red Cross is on hand to noodpakketten.
© To The Red Cross

Large parts of Colorado are still under water caused by flash floods.
© To The Red Cross

From the air, the huge damage is evident on the island of Abaco.
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The first Dutch troops on Wednesday arrived in

On Wednesday, it was one of the first group of Dutch soldiers from the navy vessel Zr.Ms. Johan de Witt, with Cougar helicopters to land in Colorado. There are currently 550 in the Dutch army, the navy, army, air force and marechaussee (military police) in the field.

In the meantime, the port is removed, providing generators of electricity in the places where people can come together and have the roofs repaired, says Van de Sande.

By Humberto, Dutch boats, with the goods, and the staff of the Johan de Witt to the island. In the place of the boats to the island to fly, and now, two Cougar helicopters, in and out. They were so far under the thousands of gallons of diesel fuel and gasoline, rolls of roofing material, with 450 pounds of rice and thousands of gallons of water.

Van de Sande, the boats that day, to be able to use it, as it can have a larger inventory, and even sails, tents, and construction-to-shore can be established.

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