“A third of mothers find outdoors breastfeeding uncomfortable’

“A third of mothers find outdoors breastfeeding uncomfortable’

Almost a third of the mothers says that it is unpleasant or very unpleasant to feel when breastfeeding in a public place, such as a healthcare facility, sports club, children’s playground, restaurant or café.

The Nutrition center asked 922 new mothers for their ideas about breastfeeding.

The women who say they are unpleasant to feel gave as reasons that they feel that others find offensive, for fear that others the chest can see and uncomfortable voedhouding. What is also much mentioned, are negative reactions from the environment.

Finding a suitable place to breastfeed is the mothers also have reason to feel uncomfortable to feel. For example, in restaurants and cafés is not always quiet corners to be found and his mother designated to be on the toilet to feed.

The suggestion to have a fine environment to create warm and quiet to feed is often mentioned, for example, a comfortable chair in a dressing room or a quiet spot in a café.

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