A third men USA dies of cancer by smoking

A third men USA dies of cancer by smoking

A third of the men who died from cancer in the United States, smoke. For American women this number is a fourth.

This is evidenced by research published in JAMA Internal Medicine. For this purpose, twelve types of cancer examined.

Live In the United States 40 million smokers. Researchers from the American Cancer Society in Atlanta examined the number of deaths by cancer as result of smoking cigarettes among Americans under 35 years of age and older. It found that 29 percent of the number of deaths from cancer due to smoking.

Difference by state

The percentage varied by state. In men, the rate in Utah around 22 percent, and in Arkansas around 40 percent. In women, this percentage is lower, at least 20 percent in all states except Utah, California and Hawaii. Women in Utah were the least affected by smoking-related deaths, including 11 percent. In Kentucky, the percentage was the highest, namely 29 percent.

Men are more likely to smoke than women, but their chromosomes carry also in that they rather get cancer and to death. In some American states pick up women, men in smoking. This is in South Dakota, Montana and Arkansas to be the case.

Anti-smoking policy

In the south the percentages of men who smoke is the highest. Here is almost 40 percent of the stergevallen of the men with cancer is linked to smoking. This is due to the anti-smoking policy in this region, that apparently is not strict enough.

In this study, is not taken into account with other forms of exposure to tobacco as second-hand smoke, shisha, cigars and e-cigarettes. Also, not all types of cancer examined.

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