A thief breaks occur after spectators fainting

A thief breaks occur after spectators fainting

Rapper Rascal has his concert at the Sphinx festival in Belgium, Boechout prematurely discontinued when the tent in which he performed crowded touched. Children and adolescents who are at the front stood, fell faint.

The rapper called on the public to make room, but there was no answer given. Eventually, it was the concert after a half hour, stopped, reports The Newspaper.

The organization stated being surprised by the events. “We knew of course that Scoundrel to a younger audience it would attract”, says organizer Patrick De Groote.

“But that such young children in front of the stage would stand, was a surprise. We always have a lot of children to a guest at the festival,” says De Groote.

Crook has his performance at the festival not more resumes. Ten minutes after the premature stop of the concert was the rapper to leave the site.

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