A Swedish prosecutor wants to be with A$AP Rocky, and even longer in pre-trial detention to hold

A$AP Rocky, as long as it is in the prosecutor’s office is set to continue in pre-trial detention. The rapper is currently being detained in Sweden, after a video emerged showing him how to be a man, strikes, and kicks.

A$AP Rocky, who actually is Rakim Mayers, is called, was, at the beginning of July, in Stockholm, have been arrested. Meanwhile, the rapper is already more than two weeks, according to his lawyer, in a desperate situation. The prosecution has asked for an extension of custody until the 25th of July, as the inquiry has not been completed yet.

In the case that Mayers has performed in Stockholm, and was then, along with his entourage on the street, being hassled by two guys. The artist has shared there pictures of it on Instagram. Accordingly, it is to be seen as one of the boys to have their own headphones to pick up, which is just off-screen, destroy it, according to Mayers, at the head of the guard.

Pictures of that later on, by other people, it was shared, it was time to see how the release of the man of vastpakte, and on the floor, smashed. On the other, was to see how the Mayers and the friends of the guy beat on him again and again.

Two of the other men in the images to be displayed, and are still being held in the south of Sweden. Several well-known artists have spoken out on the issue and hope to have the release of A$AP Rocky. In the meantime, it would be the Us president, Donald Trump is also done.

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