A strong increase of combination of tb – and hiv-infections in Europe

A strong increase of combination of tb – and hiv-infections in Europe

The number of people in Europe that both a tuberculosis – if a hiv-infection has, in recent years greatly increased.

According to the Dutch aids foundation, the increase over the past five years 40 per cent, while in the same period the total number of tuberculosis patients is properly administered.

Hiv patients are particularly vulnerable to tuberculosis infection and it is among them number one cause of death. The increase of the number of combinatiebesmettingen occurs mainly in Eastern and Central Europe and particularly in Russia.

According to the Dutch aids foundation know one in three people with hiv do not that he also has tb. “That reduces the chances of a cure and also causes a further spread of this disease”, says Louise van Deth, director of the Dutch aids foundation-Soa Aids Nederland. “The consistent testing of all people with hiv for tb and vice versa is the only way to both epidemics to stop.”

Under control

In the Netherlands the spread of tb under control but increases the number of infections. According to the RIVM were there last year, 889 tb patients, against 861 a year earlier, and 815 in the year 2014. An explanation for the increase has to do with the fact that people travel more and more.

Worldwide die every day nearly 5,000 people from tb. That is to be prevented, because it is easy to treat and cure.

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