A Spanish reporter apologizes for comment after the loterijwinst

A Spanish television reporter that one of her colleagues during a live broadcast, telling them that they “can’t” work would come, because she is the grand prize in the annual kerstloterij had been won, turns out to be a small part of the total prize money is a claim to be able to make it. She has an apology been offered.

Natalia Escudero, who is the public service broadcaster, RTVE, was captured while running fourth, which is the top prize in its lottery number was dropped, and up and down jumped it in a shower of champagne, writes the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia.

He did a considerable amount of money to be won, but found out later that her ‘only’ 5,000 as part of it.

The first prize of ‘El Gordo’ (‘The Fat’), amounted to 4 million euros, but this amount may be divided among multiple winners.

He offered her an apology for her “emotional” reaction to it during the broadcast. Then later when you came into the picture, pulled, they called her mouth shut.

The journalist has received a lot of criticism from viewers, who thought that they were, indeed, millions had been gained, and immediately her discharge had been made.

Aquí la tienes: la reportera de La 1″ la que habla todo el mundo. a estas horas. ¡Se llama Natalia Escudero! #LoteríaRTVE
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“No lie, because I’m going on vacation

He did it via Twitter, will know that they are due to “personal circumstances” and a few “hard” months of behind-the-back, but that’s after a 25-year career in the world of journalism, still have a clear conscience and be proud of her “rigorous work, and that has been proven”.

“It’s sad that Natalia Escudero, now known as “the manipulative and deceitful journalist for RTVE'”, ” she said.

He has offered her apologies for the confusion, but it also had to know that they are not lying when they said it on the day of the draw out of the office to come out. “I’m going to go on holiday,” she said.

Natalia Escudero, reportera de La Mañana de La 1, que se “ha venido arriba” en directo: El Gordo, Gordo, no me ha tocado. But the un pellizco me ha tocado […] Y la lotería de conocer a toda esta gente”.
https://, #LoteríaRTVE @LaMananaTVE

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