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On the roster: the solution to the crisis of confidence – a Time-Out: Mapping the ‘war on Christmas’ – Obama tries to jam Trump with legacy-moves Trump’s media behind men act as executor on a hill – the judge, The Face can

Whatever the political recipes Donald Trump brings to the presidency, his basic task is clear: restoring the broken faith of Americans in their system.

A survey today from the Wall Street Journal and NBC News is a bad diagnosis, a real disease with the Americans ‘ trust in the Central institutions.

Only 19 percent of the respondents indicated that they are a lot of trust in the Federal government. Only the military, and to a much lesser extent, the Supreme Court, the CIA and the FBI, as Federal institutions, in which the Americans still believe.

And you can fault is that?

The game in politics for at least a generation to benefit by the attack not on the ideas of their competitors themselves, but the institutions on which we rest our Republic.

Our just concluded election was a result of a long-standing testimonial for institutional failure. Some, it was a cynical exaggeration. But much of it is rooted in reality.

Century has been pretty tough sledding for those who want to believe that America, the government is still able to do things. Starting with the war in Iraq and the implementation of through these infernal election, the system was not previously, so the landing stick.

Trust in the government is based on two categories: first, the integrity, and the second, literacy.

As the sun goes down, on the Obama-era, President Obama can at least say that his government was dogged by allegations of corruption.

Some were, but these were mostly with ideological issues, not personal corruption. The doctored talking points about Benghazi, can’t have rubbish at the end of the investigation the smuggling of weapons sanctioned in the southwest, the infamous spin-job on Iran nuclear deal ” and the sauce created from green energy companies like Solyndra, enraged critics, but Obama, the two terms were largely free from self-dealing, payola, and sexual immorality.

On the border between corruption and incompetence of the President’s famous promise about your doctor and your health insurance: “If you like it you can keep it.” It was a lie, but it was a part of a larger failure.

The failure of ObamaCare, which will not survive long his departure from the oval office, the most notorious of his presidency. But there are also others.

His 2009 stimulus was extremely damaging to Obama’s credibility. As the economy limped to the voters is understandable, lost trust in Obama, claiming that he and his government could engineer a more robust recovery.

The same applies to Obama’s “pen and phone” action on things like immigration and global warming – the two classic cases of supply over promising and under.

A motive for Obama: Once a promising profound changes and great results, the ends of the dynamic young President defended his legacy as a prudent housekeeper, to prevent worse problems.

To prevent Obama has mostly succeeded, that corruption but failed important tests on the question of competence. As a result, he and his office leaves values with relatively high agreement, but with little confidence in the government that he led.

As a trump to his way of thinking, in order to restore confidence, he must consider these two pillars: corruption and competence.

On the competence front, Trump makes strong progress by oriented mostly with a focus on the result, if sometimes unconventional, choices for the most important contributions. The pragmatism is reflected in many of the picks is a sign of things might come to.

As they say, in Williamson: “I guess we are always willing to find out.”

But it is on the other side of the Ledger, where we see warning signs.

Trump is the team so far, not struggling with the first consideration, as you seem to be able to find a way to effectively divorce the trump family, corporate life with public service.

This does not happen in a compelling way is a huge confidence killer in the long term.

“It will not be denied that power is of a progressive nature, and that it is assigned to should be effectually restrained from passing the limits.” James Madison, Federalist 48

FiveThirtyEight: “‘Tis the season for some offense, if a seller says “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas” or in the case of a coffee chain to convert the plain red cups for the holidays…It is easy to imagine that say, ‘merry Christmas’ as another cudgel in the culture wars between the Christians and the irreligious. The real story, however, is much more differentiated. Public Religion Research Institute, asked a nationally representative sample of Americans, whether traders should Greet their customers with ‘happy holidays’ or ‘season’s greetings’ instead of ‘merry Christmas’ — ‘out of respect for people of different confessions.’ To say although, a slight majority of respondents with a preference of the traders want to: “happy holidays” or “season’s greetings,” we found that the preference depends on your level of tension with the culture where you live.”

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In the series of late-term maneuvers , President Obama is trying to cement parts of his heritage, before the incoming Trump administration takes the reins in the Hand. The movements required in many cases in opposition to the political positions of his successors, are, challenges to…

Bans drilling ban in large parts of the Atlantic and Arctic – WaPo: “Obama uses a little known law called ” Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act for the protection of large parts of the Chukchi and Beaufort seas in the Arctic and a number of canyons in the Atlantic ocean extends from Massachusetts to Virginia. In addition to a five-year moratorium already in the Atlantic ocean, to remove the canyon from drilling brings much of the East coast off limits for oil exploration even if the company plans to develop, to work around… officials said the payouts according to § 12 A of the 1953 act, used by the President from Dwight Eisenhower, not to be undone by an incoming President. It is not clear whether a Republican-controlled Congress can act on the resignation of Obama.”

The Congress can try to block the latest coal crackdown – Politico: “Obama administration – years-in-the-power-rule to protect streams from mountaintop removal coal mining is on course to enter into force, a day before the presidential election , Donald Trump takes office, meaning Congress step in to kill it quickly…[Trump] to the Minister of the interior, REP. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.), an ardent coal supporters and urged the Congress to block the rule. Prong would be responsible for the unwinding of the rule, but this process could take years, beyond the normal administrative way. A faster way through the Congress, where the Republican grip in the mounting of a hit-list of the recently adopted rules, the block, with little return of Democrats.”

Report claims Obama admin punished, climate dissent – WashFreeBeacon: “A new congressional investigation has found that the Obama administration fired a top scientist and intimidated employees in the Department of energy to further the climate change agenda, according to a new report claims that the administration ordered top officials to obstruct Congress, to forward this agenda. Rep. Lamar Smith (R., Texas), Chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, released a wide-ranging report on Tuesday that shows how senior Obama administration officials defended himself against a leading scientist, and plotting ways to to prevent a congressional inquiry surrounding the most important research on the effects of radiation.”

More Gitmo transfers – Fox News: “It is an attempt in progress to the transmission of up to 22 Gitmo prisoners to other countries by the time President Obama leaves office, two defense officials told Fox News. Obama promised to close the offshore detention center to the office, but with time running out on his administration, which does not happen almost certainly. More than half of the men still held were cleared for release and Congress has forbidden the prisoners to move in the USA for some reason. Currently, 59 are still in custody, to transfer of which 27 are deemed to be too dangerous.”

Politico: “Since the election, numerous congressional Republicans have refused to publicly proposal is at odds with Republican Orthodoxy, from its boundary wall on its massive infrastructure package weighing in each Trump. The most common reason, stated repeatedly, but always in private: they are afraid of being attacked by Breitbart or other big-name-Trump-Fans… Republican Hill staffers wrestled in the last few months, how to deal with requests from Breitbart or other pro-Trump-Blogger. Engage them, or ignore them? A GOP aide told POLITICO of the members of the damned“, if you do, damned if you don’.” Another said it has a “chilling effect” on GOP legislators.”

[David printer describes how to plan for a new Trumpf group, is setting off alarms in the RNC – WashEx]

“I would have made it even better in the next election if that is possible, if the winner was based on popular vote – but would the campaign be different” – Tweet this morning from President Donald Trump.

End result: Clinton wins popular vote by almost 3 million The hill

After the terrorist attacks, Trump with the security team AP

Gingrich: Trump to back up “the swamp” talk – NPR

Trump-team investigates “blind trust” for conflict of interest – Political

Trump sons to distance themselves from access-fundraiser – CBS News

“If we have the answer instructor Rapp’s question (five minutes) it seems pretty easy for the middle school! (Just poking around, of course), but her discussion of the Clinton-output was excellent. As much as you can Hillary do not like, you still feel a bit sad for you. Who would have expected that a non-candidate known to jump out of nowhere and defeat a name, in every corner of the nation, TWICE???” Sam Bradley, Las Cruces, NM

[Ed. Note: Robert Burns, as always, tells us: “The best-laid schemes o’ Mice a’ Men Gang aft agley,’ lea’e us not but grief, joy’d an’ pain, For promis!” Or as you would say, to laugh that in the Short Creek, “If you want to give to God, to make plans.” And certainly, Clinton’s painful eight years, awakens sympathy, as we all know, the experience of denied those things which we most want. But I would also maintain that a part of her story is about wanting something too much. Your hunger for power not only led to serious errors in judgment, but also seemed to be through to the voters. We are funny about the people we choose to lead us. We want you to not want to appear to the tracking of your selected posts with fervor, but manage it somehow, that it is too much.]

“…I can see, is to be aggregated Twitter is a great way to be a journalism would. Care to share your Top Ten tweeters (or whatever number you think is appropriate, or do I need to try the divine, through the analysis of their re-tweets, Please keep up the good work. Yours is among a very small number of E-Mails, which I’m actually looking forward to me every day.” George Upper, Greensboro, N. C.

[Ed. Note: When we numb the pain, you open your Inbox, we count on 2016, a rousing success. As for the disclosure of my favourite journalists on Twitter: no chance! I’m not putting myself on any naughty list so close to Christmas. But I can’t stop you from seeing me, whom I follow @Chris tire is Walt.]

“Hi, Chris…you are a welcome addition to the political stage, even if Dana has you beat all hollow look. A lot was on the swing of governors and statehouses around the ‘pubs in the last 8 years…is there a similar analysis for the political orientation of the district administrations throughout the country? (If the States, the laboratories of democracy, power to the county governments of the Petri dish?)” – Jim Wofford, Of Upperville, Va.

[Ed. Note: Would you perhaps say that you are, where political cultures… The simple answer to your question is no, as far as we can tell. There are a couple of challenges. The Americans live under so many different types of local governance. Some Of The Cities Counties. There are districts, municipalities, villages, places without their own legal personality, etc. Secondly, many places have non-partisan elections for local offices, often to good results. The trend, in fact, seems to be in the direction of nonpartisanship. And as Dana: on the number of sees, the thing is in no dispute. She is so beautiful, how could it be, inside and outside. But where you hit me really, is the repeal of the binding of the knottiest knots. I’ve come to rely on your understanding and combination gift. Everything I have on it is that I actually know at what temperature a steak should be prepared.]

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AP: “A suburban Chicago man is suing McDonald’s restaurants in two Illinois counties, argue cheeseburger ‘Extra value meals’ are actually more expensive than the items purchased individually. James, Gertie of Des Plaines, tells The (Arlington Heights) Daily Herald that the bundling of two cheeseburgers, medium fries and a drink for $5.90 41 cents more than if the individual items are purchased. Gertie, a bus driver, says his action in this month is to principle, not 41 cents. He is seeking class-action status for fraud and fraudulent practices lawsuit against McDonald’s operators Karis Management co. The complaint seeks to hold a preliminary injunction, McDonald’s pricing, the value of meals is higher than items purchased.”

“This is so outrageous it’s perfect with the discovery of the fact that Obama, when he out of the White house, in which he tries to nail everything to the floor so that it can not be moved. Of course, it can be moved…” – Charles Krauthammer on “special report with Bret Baier” Watch here.

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