‘A sloppy terrace is a classic mistake’

‘A sloppy terrace is a classic mistake’

The jury of the Terrace Top 100 be Brasserie Staverden last week as the winner of the annual election, including because the “very good, friendly and nice, reasonable price for london”. asked two experts how to properly terrace should look like.

A terrace is the face of your business, say hospitality advisors Rein Rambaldo and Rolf Hopman. “It is often the first that guests see when they come to your business, so make sure that it looks very neat,” says Rambaldo. “Even when it’s raining. People get on the basis of your terrace, nevertheless, an idea of what it looks like inside.”

The first Scoutmaster in the design of a terrace, always looking at is the function. “It Is a passantenterras where people take a quick drink, eat and continue again, it is a borrelterras, or are you really going to sit down to eat? Depending on directs you to the terrace.”

Both Scoutmaster as Rambaldo is in favour of sitting areas. “Care for the chairs, one (beer)bank, and more luxurious seating areas,” says Rambaldo. “Everyone, young and old, feel welcome.”

“Consider also the walkways”, advises Scoutmaster. “With high or low seating areas next to walkways, customers will have less burden of langslopend staff. At the edges, you can get lower seats drop.”

“You can then set the quantity larderen including umbrellas, screens, lamps, and planters, Hopman further. “Make sure that the outdoor terrace, clean beaches. A sloppy terrace is really a classic mistake.”


About the current trends on the terraces are Rambaldo and Hopman clear: vintage and self in each other, smaller pieces of furniture can really not more. “That trend arose from the credit crisis, when entrepreneurs have less to spend, had,” says Rambaldo.

“But now they dare to invest, so it is time to again class. It may be all fancy and neater. People want more comfort and are also willing to pay for this.”

According to Scoutmaster took the past few years for a trend of a city overwaaide to other places, but is that by, among others, social media has changed. “Concepts are everywhere now arrested earlier. Trends come faster, but also faster.”

Pastels on the other hand. “It will be done with that gray and brown, that arose from the crisis,” said Rambaldo. Also ‘experience’ is becoming more and more a role play. “It is a klotewoord, but it is important. On the terrace of my case, for example, a regular dj to spin.”

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