A singer and a YouTuber of the Blanks: ‘the Concerts are going to be increasingly easier to complete

The singer Bent himself after his success on YouTube, but also live at gigs to prove as an artist. In a conversation with says the YouTube star who this weekend at the Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen, the netherlands occurs, all that shows up is something easier to go.

The 22-year-old Blanks was born as Simon White, his career, particularly through YouTube, built at the same time, it means that he has relatively little stage experience to. “I’ll be out of the safe environment of the studio, and do all at once, for I know how many people have to live and play. I do feel, however, bewijsdrang to show the world what I have to live them and find out as much as possible, the instruments to be played.”

He has also decided that this year, appeared to be the focus. There is a tour scheduled, along with all of the clubs in the Netherlands, but also in the towns and cities in the rest of Europe and the United States, the concerts are on the agenda. It does mean, however, that an album this year, are not yet in. “That hopefully will be in 2021. This year, I focus on the performances, and there will be singles”, he promises.

Fortunately, he notices that the mileage on the stage, all of the fruit begins to show. “It’s going to always be something more. I have noticed that I am much more able to focus on having fun, then I feel the pressure to create on all right. I feel more and more comfortable on the big stage.”

However, he feels that the nerves are still in place, especially for the festival. “You don’t know who you have in front of you and it is fun to figure out. That is, it is not the same as when people buy a ticket to see you,” he says.

177Blanks Sweaters

“You can see more of the singers with the covers and make a private artist’

The Blanks started out at a very young age, and with the placement of videos on YouTube. In the beginning it was mainly vlogs, until he found out that he has a talent for music.

Since then, he’s mostly seen in his home studio, where he was a contemporary of hits in the eighties-the jacket sticks out (that he’s Ariana-Grande-and Post Malone has already achieved), a hit song in an hour and a new package, or with the help of suggestions from his followers with a new song to write. And he does it with what seems like a game for him and the millions of views and streams is regulated within the.

“When I first started producing, that was me, all of them are not so easy to hear,” laughs Bent. “I’m playing all the guitar since the age of ten and have been on the laptop for a lot of the songs are created. Then I realized that it is good for me but I have the speed to go to work. There is a lot to be done in an hour. The layers in the songs, you hear more and more quickly. It makes sure that I am now a lot more efficient to work in the studio.”

The Blanks will now be focusing on writing his own music, where singles, as the Sweaters, and Bittersweet is the proof of it. The question of whether the label is from YouTube coverartiest him in the way, it keeps him busy. “I have, in the past few months, a lot of thought about that before, but now you see more of the singers and the singers that begin with the covers on YouTube, and, ultimately, an individual artist you can be.”

He has found that listeners are more inclined to be on the cover to listen to a self-composed song which they don’t even know it. “You have to make sure you have ten covers, to record one song for yourself. This can be the quest of a life as a musician, however get in the way.”

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“I think it’s really hard to get things out of hand’

The Blanks started to work on his own songs, in the hands of self is firmly in control in their own studio. However, writing and producing, he is now well settled in with the others. “I want to Do-It-Yourself element of my music, be sure to guard it but it is a balance between them.”

“I would like to say that I don’t find that hard to take things out of hand, but I think that’s actually it. However, I’ve noticed, though, that I have to work with other people. They bring me new insights and to tackle things that are out of what little fat you can find. I try to make my own sense of hearing.”

166Blanks – Bittersweet

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