A short circuit due to the snail and leading to thousands of delayed Japanese travelers

A snail has to be in Japan, and personally made sure that the dozens of trains out, and be sure twelve thousand passengers, slowed down, reports The Guardian on Monday.

It is often bewierookte rail network of Japan, which was on the 30th of may to deal with electrical problems. Now it turns out that the animal was responsible for that. The snail was in the southern part of the country, is a short circuit in a junction box caused.

No less than 26 of the scheduled train rides had to be canceled and dozens of others were delayed. This has led to chaos for the Japanese passengers, who are usually able to go with a system that is accurate to the second, it is.

If the answer to all of the other elektriciteitskastjes in addition to the track, checked for slugs and snails. The animal had survived the action and was electrocuted.


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