A Professor explains why men are less often in psychiatric care than women

It’s november, known as Movember, is the month in which it is considered a male health. Know that men have different mental health problems than women? In addition, they require less and less assistance, and they make a lot more put an end to their way of life. How can I do that? And what can you, as a man, correct? Ten questions to ask the professor, and the e-Mental health expert, Heleen Riper.

Do men have different mental health problems than women?

“Both men and women can suffer from depression, anxiety and problematic substance use. When the women come out of depression and anxiety disorders more frequently than men.”

“However, men were more likely to have suffered from the so-called externaliserende of problems, such as antisocial personality disorder, ADHD, and loss of agressiecontrole, and the use of substances such as drugs and alcohol abuse.”

Men have to commit two times as likely to commit suicide. Their symptoms are more severe?

“Men of steal himself, is much more of a life than women do. In 2018, were 1.176, men and 653 women at the end of their life. The suïcidecijfer is, for men, for years, about twice as high.”

“Men are opting for the more rigorous methods of suicide, such as on the train or from a building, jump off.”
Professor Heleen Riper

“Women will do it anyway, however, more likely to attempt suicide than their male counterparts. For men to succeed in the attempt, a lot more often. They have more rigorous methods, such as on the train or away from a jump. All of the suïcides will find the highest number of seat in the category of men, from forty to sixty years of age.”

Men are looking less and less often in psychiatric care

Where does this difference come from?

“There is no single explanation for this. In each case, it is a major factor, is that men are much less likely, and less likely to seek help for mental health problems than women. Also, their mental health problems is not always good, or it’s too late, has been widely recognized. The men go to the doctor than women.”

“Women are looking for is approximately two times more likely to seek professional help from your gp or a mental health care than men do, and They do all of this before, and they’re swallowing more drugs.”

Men seek less help for mental health problems. (Image: 123RF)

Shame, taboo and ignorance play a role in

Why search for men, and less often, to help?

“Among other things, shame, and taboo to play a role in this. And the stigma. Mental health problems, such as mood disorders, continue to be associated primarily with women. Psychological problems, consistent with the view that men have of themselves.”

“Well, ignorance is a cause of action. Some men are not comfortable in their own skin, or have an alcohol addiction but do not realize that it was a depression at the root of this.”

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The fact that men are less about the feelings?

“The perfect man does not exist, but a lot of men are talking, indeed, less about emotions and problems as women. Among some men, there is also the belief, “real men don’t get depression’. They found, moreover, that they have their own problems to solve.”

Does talking actually is for men.

“We know from research that praattherapie, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy for men as effectively as women. In addition to praattherapie are bewegingsinterventies, for example, a mild depression may also be effective. There is, as yet, little research has been done into the preferences of men for a particular form of support. But bewegingsinterventies can be for some men to be an attractive alternative. This is clear from the Canadian research.

“I think it would be good if there was also more research should be done into what the therapy is for men to be attractive, and how, for example, depression in men can and better reported able to be out.”

Why is this study important?

“Given that almost all of the research in the area of the most common disorders, such as depression in women. Women do not only have more to do with the doctor than men do, they are also more likely to participate in the study.”

“This creates a ‘blind spot’. What also played a role, it is the practice for the most part, women make up the majority of the psychologists and 90 per cent of the psychologiestudenten is a woman.”

The feminization of the mental health care of the men in the road?

“In Canada, the United Kingdom, there has been recently a lot of attention is paid to the low-hulpzoekgedrag, and the sufferings of men with mental health issues in silence, also known as” the silent crisis, whether it’s mental health, ” as well.”

“In Canada consist of clinics with a particular focus on men’s mental health issues.”
Professor Heleen Riper

“In Canada, now have clinics that specifically focus on men’s mental health issues. Maybe it is the people in the Netherlands also helped. However, it is now in clinical trials in which sex differences are taken into account.”

General practitioner, clinician, or site can help you

So, where will the men go?

“There are a lot of places where you can mental health problems can have. In the first place, in the doctor’s office. You can also refer you to a social worker or a psychologist. As well as online, there are a lot of interventions from which the effect is proven scientifically. Both supervised as unsupervised and anonymously if they wish.”

You can use a couple of examples of that.

“A test on the you’ll get more visibility to your symptoms. Interapy is an online-therapy for mental health problems. But also, take a look at the, or Also easily accessible is the where you get to anonymously ask questions. For alcoholproblematiek is”

Dr. Heleen Riper is professor of eMental-Health at Vu University amsterdam (Faculty of Behavioural and movement sciences, Section of clinical psychology)

Are you thinking about suicide? To contact 113, and suicide prevention through the Or, you can call: 0900-0113.

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