A power failure on the main island of the Bahamas, in the wake of hurricane Dorian

The island of New Providence in the Bahamas, about to run out of power, says the Bahamian power (BPL). Certainly, 70 per cent of the more than 300,000 inhabitants of the islands live in New Providence, in the night between Sunday and Monday, were affected by the severe storm Dorian.

The power outage could have been caused by the fact that the water rushed in at a major power plant. “This has led to a whole series of events, culminating in a power outage on the whole island, according to the BPL. Repair would have been delayed by the frequent floods.

Dorian would be the heaviest storm ever in the western islands of the Bahamas, is featured.

Originally brought to the storm, wind gusts to 295 km per hour, making the storm in the fifth, and, therefore, the heaviest category. In the meantime, it is Dorian weakened to a hurricane of the fourth category.

Several dead in Abaco islands

In the eye of the storm, and is now the Abaco islands are now behind us. In the local media as Bahamas Press, a writing, on the basis of sources that there are more deaths, but the Bahamian ministry of Health and was not killed.

The minister of Foreign Affairs, Darren Henfield was the media coverage of the Bahamas Press could not be confirmed, but admitted that he, too, signals received by the floating body. “However, these messages have to acknowledge to ourselves, to the point of it.”

Pictures on social media show the desperate situation. There is a lot of damage to cars and the roads are littered with pieces of wood and metal. In addition, it would be thirteen thousand buildings are damaged or destroyed. According to the Bahamian prime minister Hubert Minnis has been the destruction as “outrageous” as he is know on Twitter.


Collapsed houses, and a mess due to storm Dorian in the Bahamas

More than a thousand flights canceled in the U.S.

In the state of Florida is getting ready for the opening of the Hotel. Thousands of people were evacuated Monday, and more than a thousand flights to be cancelled, writes CNN. With three major airports, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Orlando, Melbourne, Palm Beach, and to close the doors at 12: 00 pm.

The governors of the states of South Carolina and Georgia, and more than a million people are advised to temporarily make their homes behind, writes NBC News. Dorian would be there, and in the course of the week to be on the land.


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