‘A possible explanation for the perverse effect lot of diet products’

‘A possible explanation for the perverse effect lot of diet products’

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Scientists have a possible explanation for the fact that the products are without sugar, but the sweetener aspartame, often backfire when trying to lose weight.

Previous studies indicated that diet products often are not effective. According to researchers from the American hospital Massachusetts General Hospital blocks aspartame is probably the effect of an important enzyme, to write a variety of media.

It comes to an enzyme called IAP. Of IAP has been previously shown that the obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome helps prevent. “We think that aspartame is not working, despite the fact that the sugar substitutes, because the favourable effects of IAP blocks,” says Richard Hodin, lead author of the study which is published in the scientific journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism.


The study was conducted on mice. Two groups of mice both had a lot of fat to eat. One group was given plain water to drink, the other group drank water with aspartame. When the last group took the weight faster.

“Our findings help us understand why aspartame effect is counterproductive,” says Hodin. “We can be other factors are not mutually exclusive, but that aspartame IAP-activity blocks is in each case fixed.”

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