A political gamble by Erdogan’s pay may or may not be out of

On Sunday, the election for the mayor of Istanbul again. In the local elections scheduled for march 31, was oppositiekandidaat Ekrem Imamoglu, and the winner of the bus, which after more than 25 years, was on the board of directors as part of the political camp of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the city. The supreme electoral council (YSK) of Turkey, to cancel the election, however.

Imamoglu is on Sunday, as in march, at Binali Yildirim, the former prime minister of Turkey, and a confidant of the president. In the past few weeks and were, therefore, once again, in the character of the campaign, with the highlight of the first televised debate in Turkey during the past seventeen years.

In the debate were the candidates to talk about the cancelled election, on the 31st of march. According to Erdoğan and his party, there was a case of fraud, cheating and even stealing. There was, according to the YSK’s no doubt about it. The electoral council ruled that the elections had to, because some of the chairmen of the polling stations officials, as required by law.

Not all of the judges of the YSK, who is the chairman of the board, as was the decision to make again. In fact, the parliamentary and presidential elections last year, in the same way it was held.

‘The struggle for the preservation of democracy

In addition, it is only with the election of the AKP, Erdoğan has lost once again, but with the elections to municipal councils and local mayors, who, in march, on the same day in the same polling stations and under the same conditions, plaatshadden, be declared to be valid and were.

According to Imamoglu symbolic of the vote on Sunday, a fight for the preservation of democracy. Yildirim defended himself in the debate by saying that his party’s protest against the outcome of the march 31, simply want the best for the people of Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey and is the economic engine of the country.

One million Turks are looked at on the 16th of June for the televised debate. (Photo: Burak Kaya/Getty Images)

‘Oppositiekandidaat, it is an injustice’

According to Emre Kizilkaya, Knight, a Visiting Nieman Fellow at Harvard university, in the sense that the oppositiekandidaat an injustice has been done to be of paramount importance.

“In the most recent opinion polls show that a majority of the residents of Istanbul for the re-do of the election to see it as a form of harm to oppositiekandidaat Imamoglu, whose mandate is a political decision has been taken. This is reflected in the growing support for a candidate,” according to Kizilkaya.

It’s the sound of a second victory in Imamoglu will be, according to him, for a long time level, and may have a serious impact on the long-term.

“If he wins, then it will be for the regime to understand that it will invalidate an election is not the best strategy would be to be a possible candidate for the presidency in 2023 down to a stop.”

Oppositiekandidaat Imamoglu, surrounded by supporters and the media. ()

Plenty of room for the ex-prime minister

Yildirim was in the run-up to the vote on Sunday is more space to the History that in march, more campagnespeeches each day to love and be a candidate, is completely overshadowed. Analysts spoke of a different strategy, given that the controversial text of the president more harm than good had been done, and so was the presentation.

It was no longer about the struggle for Turkey,” but on the creation of jobs, and tax cuts for the inhabitants of Istanbul.

Just this past week, it may be as a result of low-promising opinion polls, entered History again, and in a characteristic way, in the struggle, saying that the fate of the city is not left alone in case of the “rogue minority” to it.

Erdogan went in last week, bright leather, and against the opposition. (Photo: AFP)

Oppositiekandidaat ahead in the polls

The oppositiekandidaat, according to the latest survey of the agency Konda, count on 49 percent of the vote to his opponent’s Yildirim in 40,9% of the vote. That would have to Imamoglu is a significant improvement on the previous ballot, to mean, that when he, after several recounts, with a gap of about thirteen thousand votes, the winner was declared.

Ceren Kumbasar, campagnestrateeg of the CHP mayor Turan Hancerli, from the suburb of Avcilar in Istanbul, it is also a time to profit from the oppositiekandidaat. “Imamoglu, is a candidate for the people’s hope, as shown by his campagneslogan ‘Her Sey Çok Güzel Olacak’ (all is well).”

In addition, the fact that it is far from divisive speech, Erdogan continues to speak in favor of the applicant, said Kumbasar. “He’s got a variety of people, groups, and parties, both literally and figuratively, with each other.”

Imamoglu, and Yildirim, have a tête-à-tête. (Photo: Takvim Photo)

‘Mustn’t speak too soon’

However, it would Kumbasar mustn’t speak too soon: “in The party’s History, the majority of the city council, and the plan of Imamoglu, if elected, in a significant degree of control to remain in control.”

Kizilkaya, shares this view, but adds that Erdogan and his party will risk to stick to such a course.

“Erdogan and his friends will do everything they can to Imamoglu claims to be. If that doesn’t work, then it will be the ultimate period in the history books as the beginning of the end of the Ergodan.”

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