A new season, We’re Almost there, ” You have the eyes on the sticks and have

That is, the ninth season, We’re Almost there! going on Monday to start. The host Martine van Os has been for five weeks in los angeles with a group vijftigplussers this time to the Balkans are going. Of mac Os was great in this ‘working-holiday’, but I was a little tired after the movie.

In most of them! a group of vijftigplussers to five weeks, kampeerreis. The host Os will add itself during the holiday, in their company. In the ninth series of the Balkans in the destination, much to the delight of the host.

“We’re visiting in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania. I think it’s the most adventurous trip so far”, tells the story Of a bull in a conversation with “Because you have to wait at the border, currency change, and also the number of them that are not accessible with your own car. The scenery here is stunningly beautiful, and it is nice to have so many different places where hardly any people around.”

The program is not written by the editorial board. The participating elderly people sign in to an existing group, which later, By the Os, and the opnameteam be added to this list. “We are monitoring, we are taking steps alone on the journey,” explained the tv presenter out. “We think there’s nothing to it, it is what it is. We are making a programme about people who have set out on a journey, and not about the people who are on television like that.”

Conversations occur naturally’

The party of this year, according to the Os from the “many” distinct characters”. “There’s a woman, Gaby, who don’t mince words. But if you know it, you’ll see that they have a heart of gold for. There are a lot of people with an amazing story.”

The calls From the Os to the candidates, and has, formed in its self. “I’m not in for the full five weeks, and I want it to be, just be. If you have to use the week as a presenter, please let flown, you will never be a part of it all. Now you can really talk to, because you spend the whole day at the first place.

That, however, as a result of which, the host of everything on 24/7 to monitor. “You have the eyes on the sticks and have to think:” hey, what’s going on? It’s like what I’m doing, and I think people have a lot of fun and I would like to because of the prejudices around the holes. However, after five weeks, am I ever tired.”


Check out a sneak peek of the new series, We are almost there

“It’s a minimaatschappij’

The program scores are consistently thick, on top of a million viewers, and it seems to be popular with the elderly, but also younger viewers. “It’s the most common question is in my environment: when it starts, We’re Almost there! but I think I’d like the new series.

“It’s funny that this success is also due to all of the groups around, it seems to be” go, go From the Os to continue. “There is, apparently, there is something for everyone in it. The most important thing in the success, I think, is that it is a kind of minimaatschappij it is. And it is a memorable and confident. The viewers will be able to get away from the evil of the world. As you rest in the tent.”

The new season is starting on Monday, every week at 21: 15 hours on Omroep MAX, on the NPO’s 1.

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