A new ruling from the court could help the older clergy abuse claims will go to

State college, Pa. – A Pennsylvania court has ruled that it is changing the legal landscape: a woman can pursue her lawsuit claiming officials at the Altoona-Johnstown Roman Catholic Diocese, and worked to hide it from her alleged sexual assault by a priest.

A three-judge Superior Court panel on Tuesday reinstated Renee Rice action lawsuit alleging the diocese, and two bishops, illegally tried to cover it up to protect their own reputations and that of the pastor, she claims abused her.

The lawsuit was dismissed by a county court judge, in 2017, because of the statute of limitations had expired. However, the court’s judges have to say Rice will try to convince a jury that church officials’ silence about the priest, it amounted to a fraudulent concealment.

The Rev. Charles Bodziak has been denied Rice’s claims that he abused her, as on a Pc. Leo’s Church, Altoona, about 40 years ago. The defendants are the diocese, retired Bishop Joseph Adamec and the legacy of the late Bishop James Hogan.

A diocesan spokesman declined comment on Wednesday. Her attorney, Eric Anderson, said that the decision will be reviewed, and the diocese has not yet decided whether it would appeal to.

The case was filed, shortly after that, Rice, read on for a 2016 onwards, the grand jury report on the sexual abuse of children by priests in the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese. The AP typically does not name people who claim they have been the victims of sexual assault unless they want to be identified, Rice’s attorney, Richard Serbin, said they want to be identified.

Bodziak has been the subject of a claim that is, in 2016, the grand jury report.

The defendants can seek to reargue and for a bigger the Superior Court panel’s request that the state Supreme Court, or do nothing and allow it to return to the Blair County Court of Common pleas.

The decision comes less than a year after the divorce of the grand-jury report, six of Pennsylvania’s dioceses and more than 300 priests have abused children for more than seven decades.

The 2016 and 2018 and beyond, the grand jury reports that have begun with a battle in Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled Legislature, for a period of time during childhood victims of sexual abuse have a statutory window to sue their abusers and the institutions that are under the up in the air.

Pennsylvania dioceses are currently in the process of assessing claims and making payments under the compensation fund, which was established after last year’s grand jury report.

Serbin said on Wednesday the new resolution could help some people with the clergy sexual-abuse claims, pursue litigation, those of us who claim to be the end of 2018, the grand jury’s report, the first of which she learned in church and government officials were complicit in the abuse.

“I think it’s going to be some pressure on the trustees of the compensation funds for the award are sufficient. As of now, there is an opportunity for some of these people will continue to move forward with a civil claim,” Serbin said.

The Superior Court has been cited by 2018, with a state Supreme Court ruling that the jury’s right to decide whether or not an applicant does enough to examine a defendant and, therefore, to overcome the statute of limitations.

The bishop might have “handled” the Rice “in order to relax her vigilance or deviate from her right of inquiry,” because it does not provide what it claims to be, it is the information in the secret archive of Bodziak, the history of child sexual abuse, or the efforts to cover it up, ” wrote Judge Deborah Kunselman.

The lawsuit alleges that the bishop and the diocese knew or ought to have known, Bodziak how girls are when they are assigned to the Pc. The Leo’s.

Bodziak, early Rice, and the parents, as well as cleaning his house, where he gave her wine, and abused her between the ages of 9 and 14, and which ends in 1981, the lawsuit claims. She also claims that after he gave her a key to the door of the church, apparently so that she could practice singing and playing the organ, and abused her in the church choir loft. The abuse took place in a cemetery, she claims.

She claims to be a “confidential relationship” is based on her work in cleaning and performing music, as well as their age, Catholic education and the faith that they placed in the diocesan defendants to supervise and protect her,” Kunselman wrote.

“The diocesan defendants purportedly breached their fiduciary duty to warn her about her Father Bodziak’s past as a child predator,” Kunselman wrote. “They have their own reputation and finances, and for her safety and psychological health.

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